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Cottages for Cancer Kids - 05/17/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Patrick Collins custom builds and decorates doll houses and delivers them to kids fighting cancer. He lives in O'Fallon, MO and travels many places.

This ministry started after his oldest nephew passed away from an aggressive childhood cancer after only 6 months. His nephew asked him to "Pay it forward" after having asked him as a child to stop drugs and drinking because he didn't want to see him die.

Patrick had helped his dad build dollhouses when he was a child. After his nephew passed, he was in a Hobby Lobby and felt a tap on the shoulder. No one was there, but behind him were dollhouses.

He has been building them for kids with cancer for 4 years, but just in the last 2...

Central Missouri Humane Society - 05/10/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Keith Broadus, club president, with CMHS volunteer Sue Worsowicz.

Sue shared that she is a part-time volunteer with Community Relations. CMHS was formed in 1943, as a local shelter. It has no affiliation with the National organization. In 2015, they achieved over a 90% save rate, on dogs and cats, for the first time in 70 years, which makes it a "no kill" shelter.

They have a contract with the city of Columbia and 15 % of their budget comes from that. It takes $17,000/week to operate the shelter. They are 'open door', taking in every animal brought to them.

Susan G Komen Regional Coordinator - 04/26/2017
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Mandy Schick, Mid-Missouri regional coordinator for the Susan G Komen foundation, talked to Boonslick about the foundation, its mission and its local objectives.  75% of all funds raised locally go to breast cancer services in mid-Missouri.  The remaining 25% goes to the foundation where the funds are distributed for breast cancer research. Locally, the foundation tries to help uninsured, underinsured and generally women of lesser means obtain the services they need when undergoing breast cancer treatment.  To date, the no funds have been provided locally to Planned Parenthood.  However, Mandy did say that Planned Parenthood has never requested funds and that they are not...