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Medieval Islam: Pervasive misconceptions - 09/20/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Dr. Nathan Hofer (L), Professor in the Religious Studies Dept. was introduced by Mary Flanagan, club member. He is from Utah, obtained his PhD at Emery University, taught at Dillard University at New Orleans, and is starting his 7th year at MU.

He focused on the three most pervasive misconceptions of Medieval Islam.

  1. Veiling - The misconception is that it is an instrument of patriarchal repression and women need liberating from that. Historically, veils were only worn by wealthy women, the elite. In the 1920's, there was a mass movement of Islamic feminism. Wearing veils was uncommon after the 1920's. As the Middle East became enmeshed in the cold war there was less western influence...

Restaurants in Columbia - 09/13/2017
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Randy Wyatt (L) shown with wife, Sherry, shared information about local area restaurants. Sherry introduced Randy as having been involved as early as the age of 14, when working at the Holiday Inn, from washing dishes, to delivering room service. They have been to all the restaurants.

When talking about 'iconic' restaurants, there are 3 that come to mind immediately. Shakespeare's, Booches (the oldest) and Ernie's. Others with a focus on locally owned, not franchised were named by Randy and the membership chimed in. These are Mugs Up (since 1955), Tony's, Murry's, G&D (both owned by cousins), Sophia's, Addison's (a new Addison's will be opening), Heidelberg,...

School of Music at University of Missouri - 09/07/2017
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Dr. Julia Gaines (R), Director of the School of Music, shown with club member Nancy Burke (L) presented today.

Dr. Gaines is currently the Director, having joined the faculty in 1996 as the Director of Percussion Studies. She has multiple degrees, is a manager, a recorded performer and an published educator. Her first solo CD "Tiger Dance" was released in April, 2017. Her first book, "Sequential Studies for Four--Mallet Marimba - Level 1, has become popular throughout and world and is the only beginning book of it's kind.

There are 250 students and 35 faculty. This is their Centennial Year. Sharing a time line of the school, from it's inception in 1817, points of interest...