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Hurricane Irma Relief September 2017 - 02/14/2018
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Nancy Holloway (R), club member and Major with The Salvation Army, was introduced by club member, Deb Shore (L) to share her story of traveling to Naples, FL to assist with relief efforts after Hurricane Irma.

Nancy had 3 days notice to travel, and was part of the Midland Team. In every disaster, there is a 'Incident Command Structure". Nancy was assigned as Emotional and Spiritual Care Chief. As an officer, even though she has a degree in Social Work, and a Masters degree in Counseling, she received 16 hours of training for the position. She enjoyed the work, as she was able to be amoung people.

Naples, FL is gorgeous. They have the 6th highest income per capita in the country,...

Parent's As Teachers - 01/25/2018
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Christine Smith (L) was introduced by club member Ann McGinity (R) to present Parents As Teachers Program information. Christine is the current Director. She has been involved for 15 years. As an educator, she has taught Spanish on all levels, been a parent educator of 5th grade, and pre-school. She expressed thanks to our club for all we do, and for supporting PAT.

The Columbia community believes in science and research, realizing the benefits of investing in our children. Our district puts in 60% of the PAT budget.

PAT supports parents of young children, from prenatal to Kindergarten.

Recently, survey results showed that 97% of participants are very satisfied and would recommend to a friend....

Wildy's World - 01/17/2018
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Stacy Self (L), AKA Wildy, was introduced by Rebekah Robertson (R), club member. 

Stacy is the proprietor of Wildy's World, her art studio located on Walnut St, between Ernies (an iconic local restaurant) and Artrageous (a local store of art).

Born and raised in St. Louis, after getting her education (attended the School of Visual Arts; Royal College of Art in London), she raised her kids in the Ozarks for 15 years. Curious and not knowing about Columbia, she discovered it's vibrant art culture and has moved here to establish her "Inspire and Uplift" art.

Art is collaborative. This is her first 'brick and mortar' business where the community comes from all walks...

New member inducted - 01/10/2018
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Nancy Holloway (R) was inducted into our club today. Rebekah Robertson (L) is her sponsor. Rebekah shared a fun "Christmas in July" doing bell-ringing for The Salvation Army, of which Nancy has been a member for 35 years!

Nancy joined Boonslick Kiwanis on August 31, 2017.

Nancy moved to Columbia in the summer of 2016. She will be giving a program on the recovery efforts of The Salvation Army in Florida after hurricane Irma. Having traveled to Florida, she will have a first hand account.


Life of a news reporter - 01/10/2018
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Brittany Ruess (L) is a reporter with the Columbia Tribune, introduced by club member John Conway (R).

Brittany became interested in High School, when as a sophomore, she needed 2 practical arts credits. She wanted to improve her writing and journalism was available. She wrote a front page expo about the Principal only letting diet soda in the school (not popular with the students).

After that, she wrote a story about a student with Tourettes syndrome. It was impactful to her when he said it's like an itch you can't scratch. She felt she was giving him a voice.

She proceeded in her career as a Webster Groves graduate, being the editor of their college paper, with a goal to become a Pacemaker...

Running for Office - 12/27/2017
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John Conway, with his granddaughter Annabella, who rang the bell to open our meeting, lead our club in the pledge, and introduced her doll Alexandria, from NY.

John is running for a position on the Board of Education - Columbia Public Schools.

As a member of Boonslick Kiwanis, we were interested in hearing his reasons for considering this office.

When considering this endeavor, there were 3 situations he considered. 

  1. Education arena-being inspired by his parents, wanting a better life for their children. Education provided opportunity.
  2. Inspiration from his wife-as a long time educator and career in education, wanting to provide opportunities to children...

Merry Christmas! - 12/20/2017
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Charles Lawrence (L) reads "Christmas Guest" to musical accompnyment on keyboard by Sherry Wyatt. Both are Boonslick Kiwanis members, Sherry being our current District Lt. Governor. 

Sherry lead the club members in traditional songs with member stories between songs. Our club is not only blessed, but shares our blessings!

Angela Pigg, President (L), Sherry & Randy Wyatt (R) Boonslick Kiwanis Christmas - 12/20/2017
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Merry Christmas from Boonslick Kiwanis to the children of the communities we serve, locally and world-wide!

Missouri Alternative Breaks - 12/13/2017
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Tim McLaughlin, Boonslick Kiwanis club member is shown with leaders Rebekah Bell (L), Cleo Benos (C) and Sarah Edwards (R) who gave a program on this service which is self funded, housed at the MU Student Center.

They shared highlights of being founded in 1991 to send groups of students on service trips during school breaks. Participants enter communities with the mindset of "Serve, don't help", one of their principles. This provides students opportunities to gain a wider perspective locally, state wide, country wide and internationally. There are weekend trips, locally and regionally, and week long trips, throughout the US, and internationally to Nicaragua and the...

Life with the Porters - 12/06/2017
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Lisa Porter discussed her family's life's journey of faith with Boonslick Kiwanis.