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Girls State Experience - 04/19/2017
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Pictured from left: Ann McGinity, long-time acquaintance of speaker, Katherine Seriafinos, with Deb Shore, club member. 

Katherine spoke to the club about attending and participating in the annual Girls State program. The event was held in Warrensburg on the University campus and lasted one week. It is a model of State government. Attendees run for positions in government and learn those roles. She discovered that 'local government' is most important and directly impactful. It was a big realization. Volunteering is important. You must get out there and do things in the community to know the community. 

She ran for Regional and State Treasury and won Regional Treasury position....

Boys and Girls Club Expansion Project - 04/12/2017
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From L: Valerie Livingston, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia, Joe Bradley, club member, and Rebecca Schwartz, Stewardship and Development Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia.  Valerie and Rebecca updated the club on the state of the Boys and Girls club and the Expansion Project.  

Currently the club operates out of 4 locations. The main location, across the street from Hickman High School, is approximately 10,000 square feet and served 879 children in 2016.  The $2.5 million expansion project will add an additional 14,000 square feet, including a gymnasium, culinary kitchen, cafeteria, a performing arts area, and room for high school students....

Basketry Exhibition at the Museum of Art and Archaeology - 04/05/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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From L: Ann McGinity, YCPO chair and Keith Broadus, club president. Ann is a local artist who creates baskets. She is passionate about the current exhibition "Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America" at the Museum of Art and Archaeology (at Mizzou North). Information is in the Winter 2017 Museum Magazine.

"Part of what centers me is working on baskets". This exhibition is an evolutionary show. The museum is one of 25 best museums in the U.S. Baskets are a form of craft, one of the oldest in history. There is a National Basketry Organization.

This exhibition took 4 years to put together. There are 93 baskets. Starting here, it will be a traveling show for 3 years....

MU Student Affairs - 03/22/2017
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Dr. Catherine Scroggs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at MU, was introduced by club member, Nancy Burke. Dr. Scroggs has been heading the program since 2003, and leads many of the departments that create learning experience for students outside the classroom and works closely with the Chancellor's and Provost's staffs.

Student Affairs employs more than 600 staff and 2,200 student employees across campus, all sharing one goal: to ensure that every student on campus feels valued and has the opportunity to succeed here and in their careers. 

Dr. Scroggs is in charge of students, all things outside. Her classroom is their life. There are 32,000 students, of these 6-7000 are...

Parents as Teachers - 03/15/2017
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Ann McGinity (pictured L), chair of Young Children Priority One committee, presents Belinda Masters, current/retiring Coordinator of Parents as Teachers with a donation.

Belinda has been involved for 25 years, training the trainers, and has run the Columbia program for 13 years. She will be transitioning to coordinate on the national and hopefully international level.

Missouri started the early childhood program and is the only state that mandates from birth to Kindergarten. Education funds are limited. Belinda thanked our club for it's partnership over many years. Donations purchased items for families at risk to provide for young children (wooden blocks ABC 123, balls, baby dolls, books,...

Missouri River Recovery Project - 03/08/2017
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Joe Gibbs, Professional Engineer (shown with club President, Keith Broadus), discussed the Missouri River Recovery Project.

He served on the Implementation, representing Flood Control. It was evident early on, with 215 acronyms in documents, as the Corps of Engineers were operating Recovery Committees that a glossary was needed. UGLAA (glossary acronym) was developed by him, starting with 12 pages in 2013 and now 58 pages with the latest update. 

A power point of the "Operation of the River" today was shared. 

In the 1940's, the Pick-Sloan Plan was adopted to control flooding and began with 6 dams built. Of 529,000 square miles, 31% is regulated, for electricity generation,...

Bullying - 03/01/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Dr. Chad Rose was introduced by club memeber Jo Behymer to talk about bullying. He is a Professor of Special Education at the University of Missouri. He and his team have been published in US News and World Reports and Parents magazine amoung others, with over 60 publications world-wide to date. He says he likes to come out to community organizations because it is a community issue.

As a young teacher, he was responsible for students with emotional behaviors, and 65% of them had been incarcerated for violent offenses. Good kids sometimes do bad things. He never had a teacher friend because he advocated for kids to get back into the classroom. Going back to school, he got his PhD to study violence,...

First Chance for Children - 02/22/2017
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Christina Gilbert (shown center) gave a program about First Chance for Children. After the presentation, Ann McGinity (L), chair of the Young Children Priority One committee, presented her with a $500 donation from the club. Ellen Bradley (R) is a Parent Educator for them.

Christina is the current Executive Director and has been on the board for 6 years. She has a background in early childhood special education. 

The organization is currently in the middle of renewing income streams. They serve 8 counties, and are located in Boone County. A good chunk of funding comes from the state, with a primary mission being Kindergarten Readiness.

Referencing Maslow's Hierarchy, she said that if...

Steve Johnson - 02/15/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Steve Johnson is pictured with club member Roger Dawdy. Steve gave a program on "The Economic Benefits of Buying Food Grown by Local Farmers".

Steve is Executive Director of the Missouri River Communities Network (since 1998) which is a nonprofit organization that encourages and supports programs for local and regional economic development and related programs along the MO River and it's tributaries in central MO. 

Today, he is here to talk about what has lead up to, and plans for construction of, the soon-to-be-built, Columbia Farmers Market. The building will be located adjacent to the ARC and West Middle School.

He wrote a grant for...

Missouri Veteran's History Project - 02/08/2017
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Rebekah Robertson, club member, invited Kirk Klingler to give a program on the Missouri Veteran's History Project. 

Kirk enlisted in the Navy as part of the Delayed Entry Program while a HS student in 1976. He became a sonar operator and was promoted to E-5. He received many medals. For the last 13 years working at Capri Casino, he is currently their IT Systems Analyst.

The Missouri Veterans History Project began in October 2014. He has contributed well over 200 total volunteer hours in 2 years, assisting with interviews and videography.

Kirk shared a "Fast Facts" leaflet about the project.

All veterans who live in Missouri and pay taxes are eligible to be interviewed...

Guess Who? Membership - 02/01/2017
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Joe Bradley, (L) Boonslick Kiwanis member and chair of the Membership Committee, shown with Keith Broadus, club President, involved everyone in a "Membership Trivia" for our program. He's had lots of practice with his Day Dreams Foundation Trivia fundraisers!

The member with the most successful guesses, was Marlowe Schlegel, guessing 21 of the possible 29 members present today.


Flag Etiquette - 01/18/2017
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Ben Truska, a member of the Army Reserve and an MU senior majoring in history, taught the Boonslick Kiwanis Club about U.S. Flag etiquette. Ben also serves on the Color Guard at Mizzou football games and served a tour on active duty in the Middle East.

The flag is raised at 7:00 am and retired at 5:00 pm on military bases. The times were set to insure maximum participation in honoring the flag.  When the flag is raised, it should be taken all the way to the top, the rope secured with a figure 8 knot and then tied off to insure it is secure.  When lowered, the flag is raised to the top and then lowered.  If the flag is to be flown at half-mast, it should still be raised all...

Heifer International - 01/11/2017
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Hannah McClure, an MU Ag Econ Grad Student, volunteers with Heifer International and traveled to Guatemala with them last year.

Hannah shared information about herself - she grew up on a cattle farm near Sedalia, MO and is currently a student at MU, and Heifer International - an organization dedicated to helping communities throughout the world. HI is typically involved with "Development" work (teaching a person to fish) rather than "Relief" work(giving a person a fish); She also shared information about her travels to Guatemala.  She and 11 other volunteers with Heifer International traveled to Guatemala and tourned several of the locations...

Inside Columbia Police Dept - 01/04/2017
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Chief Ken Burton, shown with Nancy Burke, club member, spoke about issues of the Columbia Police Dept, stating that all professionals look for ways to elevate their profession. Used the example that in 2009, Tasers was an issue. They were handed out for use without guidance. If you don't manage, they (the public) will take away. Adopted a standard and you don't hear about tasers any more because they're used properly. 

Columbia was the first city in the state of Missouri to fully implement body cams. In 2010, downtown use was positive. This was 3 months before the Ferguson, MO shooting. Videos prove the right thing is done more often than not. A civilian can request it be turned...

Annabella - Princess of Manhattan - 12/28/2016
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John Conway, shown with his granddaughter Annabella, and her parents, Suzie and David. Annabella shared her preschool thoughts. She attends All Souls preschool  in New York and at 3 years old, has completed her first semester.

She likes recess best, calling it "Roof time" as their playground is on the roof of a building. "I play with different stuff".

There are 14 children and 3 teachers at the school.

She also likes painting and "all school books". On Monday's, she finds out what her new job is "like napkin passer".

After school, her nanny, Judy, picks her up and takes on play days or home. School is half days.

She does not have a meal, but they...

Merry Christmas! - 12/21/2016
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Sherry lead the club in songs to celebrate the Christmas season. Members reminisced about past Christmases, stories were told and thanks were given. 

City of Columbia, Mayor Treece, Report Card - 12/14/2016
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Nancy introduced Brian Treece, Mayor of Columbia. He was elected in April of 2016 after serving as Chairman of the Columbia Downtown Leadership Council and the City of Columbia’s Historic Preservation Commission. As Mayor, he serves on the boards of Regional Economic Development Inc, and the MO Innovation Center to incubate and accelerate new business startups.

His major initiatives as Mayor include the creation of a Mid-MO Tech Accelerator Fund to invest in high-tech start-ups and a Medical Tourism Initiative designed to make Columbia a healthcare destination and center for medical excellence.

Brian is a member of TreecePhillips, LLC, a government and PR firm with clients throughout the...

Painting memories - 12/07/2016
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Cindy Scott (L) shown with some pictures she's painted, was invited by member Deb Shore to speak about event painting, which is setting up and painting events on site and complete by the end of the event. So, she paints fast.

She grew up around art, with her dad being in woodworking and her mom putting art to wood projects. Kitchen table was respected as art space. She's always been comfortable talking around kids. Her grandmother had them 'paint with water on concrete'. Raised in Mokane, MO, she made signs and banners for events in the community. Going to college in Warrensburg, because her parents felt an education was important, she got out of art totally and ended up...

Committee Day & Saying Goodbye - 11/30/2016
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Boonslick club members, Mary Flanagan (L) and Rebekah Robertson (R) flank Lisa Perkins, our greeter/cashier at Jack's Restaurant for the last 7 years. Jack's is closing December 1st after the passing of owner, Ken Applegate in September.

At our meeting today, Committees met to detail plans for service and fundraising, membership, and donating for the upcoming Kiwanis year.

My Path to an Honorary FFA Degree - 11/23/2016
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Marlowe Schlegel (shown with Boonslick Kiwanis President, Keith Broadus) shared the history of FFA, parallels to Kiwanis, and his involvement with them, although never a member himself (older brother was a member).

Marlowe has received two honorary degrees, one State and one National.

After sharing history of FFA, beginning in 1925 with Virginia Tech forming a strictly boys "Future Farmers of Virginia" to promote 'farm boys' in a positive light of self expression (through public speaking) and development of leadership. This served as a model for the 1917 first vocational agriculture Act "Smith Hughes".

American Royal in KC asked to participate in livestock judging...

Service Leadership Celebration Proposal - 11/16/2016
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Larry Knipp, club member is our delegate for the Service Leadership Committee to present a proposal. (pic to come)

We have an Opportunity! to have all our service leadership groups get together for "A Boonslick Kiwanis Service Leadership Celebration". The purpose would be to celebrate, recognize and honor those involved, build relationships and have fun.

In the past, Larry worked with Ag students. A 5th grader's poster showed a cookie in the center and was surrounded by the ingredients, such as flour, which would not be possible without farmers. The poster title was "No Farmers, No Cookies". The kids will come up with similar type posters, of their own design, sharing...

Missouri Women's Business Center - 11/09/2016
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Jaime Freidrich, Director of the Missouri Women's Business Center (shown with Boonslick Kiwanis member Brittany Overman) was today's speaker.

The Women's Business Center is a program of Central Missouri Community Action. Six years ago, they realized that in order to solve poverty, there was a need to access good paying jobs. CMCA used their success and experience to apply to the US Small Business Association for a grant to start the Women's Business Center in Columbia (there are centers in KC and St. Louis).

Jaime was excited and went to volunteer, but there were no opportunities, so she applied and was hired as the Director. They opened June 1, 2016, to help women start and grow...

Job Point - 11/02/2016
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Steve Smith, CEO, educated the club about Job Point and it's successful stragegies in getting members of the community gainfully employed.

Youth Protection - 10/26/2016
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Boonslick members, Angela and Matt Pigg presented the Kiwanis Youth Protection Program to membership today as an annual requirement of Kiwanis International. The purpose is for the protection of youth, and additionally, the Kiwanis membership.

Why: to create a safe place for members and the youth served.

Objectives were reviewed. There are 12 points to guidelines. Education, Chaperone, Criminal background checks, Overnight stays, Transportation, Medication, Alcohol/Tobacco/Marijuana and other substances, Reporting, Personal information, Social Media, Behavioral/Health issues, When rules conflict.

Best Practices: Background checks every 2 years for members in direct contact with youth; Protection...

China trip - 10/19/2016
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Jennifer Rukstad (pictured with parents, David, club member, and Joyce Mast) gave a program on a trip of nine Columbia Public Schools employees, all expense paid through being partnered with the Confucius Institute, tied to Shanghai Normal University.

Confucius Institue is a Division of Chinese government with education of the world through teaching language. Mandarin is the official language. Every 6th grader experiences the chinese language. They receive a free 18 day trip to China is they get an A.

Itinerary included educational lectures, tourism, and school visits. They stayed on campus, at a small hotel for international visitors. They were considered, "The delegation from America".


Conservation Dept - 10/12/2016
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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Conservation Dept deals with black bears and armadillos!  More to come...

Tribute to Sherman Brown - 09/21/2016
Submitted by: Deb Shore
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John Conway, long-time friend of Sherman Norman Brown Jr, shown with Nancy Burke, Programs chair.

John and Nancy had been discussing getting Sherman to come in to do a program when news came that he'd passed away.

Sherman and John mutually promoted each other to 'buddy' when in the service together. John and Sherman were in basic training in 1971, at Ft. Leonard Wood when they discovered they were both from Columbia. John chose Sherman originally as a big guy he could get behind and away from those drill sergeants that were yelling and saying bad things about his mom!

John told many stories, including spit shining boots, hand grenades, and kitchen patrol. Sherman was a practical joker...

Capitol Improvements Project Summary - 09/14/2016
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David Nichols, Director of Public Works for the City of Columbia, MO, shown with club member, Nancy Burke, gave the program today.

David is a Engineering graduate of the University of Missouri.

Public Works manages all street and sidewalk maintenance, Capitol Improvement Project Engineering, Transit division, Airport division, parking, building maintenance and custodial services.

David spoke about past, current and future Capitol Improvements projects.

Committee Meeting - 08/31/2016
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Committee members met to discuss strategies for success.

MoArk News - 08/24/2016
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Greg Hodge, 2016 incoming Lt. Governor, with club member, David Cox and Dru Maupin, current Lt. Governor, spoke about updates to Kiwanis.

David had handouts about the Earl Collins Foundation. Starting in the 1960s, there were no, and still have no employees but the funds have grown to over 1 million dollars. Only earnings can be spent. The board meets bi-annually. A projection budget was developed for income and expenses. A handout of details was shared. David was instrumental in proposing an incentive program this last year to give a 2nd scholarship to the division raising the most funds. Our Division 5 met that, and he was able to present that scholarship to a student in Mexico, MO.


S.T.E.P. (Senior Teacher Educator Partnership) - 08/17/2016
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Peggy Gray, introduced by club member Nancy Burke, coordinates the STEP program from her office in M's Interdisciplinary Center on Aging.

STEP (Senior Teacher Educator Partnership) has been around for 11 years. This year, there were 2,167 applications for 104 medical student positions. Next year, there will  be 128 positions. This year, 86% of the accepted positions, are Missouri residents. There are an equal number of men and women.

By 2030, one in five MO residents will be over the age of 65. Missouri is one of 20 states with the most residents over 65 years old. In 2030, those residents will have double the amount of multiple chronic diseases. Physicians need to be trained to care...

Girls On The Run - 08/10/2016
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Cheryl Unterschutz, Council Director for Girls On The Run, was introduced by Joe Bradley, Boonslick Kiwanis member.

Research shows that girls in K-2 grades, when asked what they want to be, have big dreams (like astronaut, or president). During the next stage of life, their dreams diminish and they put themselves into a box so they 'fit in'.

There are two programs, "Girls On The Run" for girls in grades 3-5, and "Heart and Soul" for girls in grades 6-8. This is the Columbia 5 year anniversary.

There is a national organization, sites and schools in every state, and Canada. Missouri has 5 councils. The Columbia council was started by 5 women and included 2 schoools....

Army Ants - 08/03/2016
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From left: John Conway, member, introduced students Yousuf El Jayousi, and Louise Schol, along with mentors Sarah Bush and Kevin Gillis (chief mentor and coach).

FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition in Schience and Technology.

FRC - FIRST Robotics Competition. Given information to complete project in 6 weeks, working 6 days/week. Army Ants is the Columbia based robotics team. They have 10 mentors. 25 members, all high school students.

CERF - Columbia Education Robotics Foundation.

Team impact - STEM skills, teamwork, cooperation, creativity, independent thinking, leadership, service.

Outreach - presentations to Smithton, Jefferson Middle Schools. Next year hope to reach out to all the middle...

Show Me Home Fire Safety, LLC - 07/27/2016
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Alex Merkel and Kristina Shore, introduced by Deb Shore, Boonslick Kiwanis member gave a program on fire safety.  Alex has been promoting fire safety in the home for 2 1/2 years. He and Kristina are invited into homes for education and introduction of products available to maximize protection.

Kristina began by asking questions about safety, referring to a handout, to open the program. For example, 'do you have a designated meeting spot outside of your home', 'have you ever completed a fire drill in the dark?' and 'have you ever practiced an escape plan'.

It's difficult to deal with the loss of a home, or a person, when it's a preventable situation.

Alex asked...

MU Athletics - 07/22/2016
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Gary Link, Special Assistant to the Athletic Director at the University of Missouri, spoke to Boonslick about the University. An MU hall of fame basketball player and current commentator for Mizzou men's basketball, Gary shared his unique insight into the history and workings of the athletic programs at MU. Gary was extremely optomistic and motivating.

Proposition 1 - 07/13/2016
Submitted by: Deb
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Greg Cecil, Chairman of the Airport Advisory Board and member of the Foundation for Columbia's Future, spoke about the proposal to fund improvements to the airport.

Proposition 1 will be on the August 2, 2016 ballot for city residents to vote on whether or not to increase hotel taxes (gross receipts tax).

The current issues to be addressed by this tax are appearance (airport is the Gateway to Mid Missouri), ADA compliance, Safety and Security, and Passenger and Visitor capacity.

There is a Terminal Area Master Plan (TAMP) with a projected cost of 38 million dollars. Of that, 20 million would be phased in from a FAA Grant. Local options include this proposed tax which would increase tax on...

Housing First - 07/06/2016
Submitted by: Deb
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Sarah Froese, Supervisor at Truman VA, was introduced by Nancy Burke, club member, to speak on issues related to homeless veterans.

She has been a Social Worker for over 30 years and at the VA for 10.  She is in charge of many programs that she finds very rewarding, including the groundbreaking, last week, for the homeless shelter which will have 32 beds, a separate part for women and also family rooms.

By the time people come to shelters, they've already tried everything else and have nowhere and no one to turn to. Program recognizes there is strength is crisis and they build on that. Prior opening of Patriot Place, apartments now half full.

Housing First came out of research done...

Kesem - Supporting kids of parents w/ cancer - 06/29/2016
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William Kemp and Joe Grotha, shown with member Rod Hartwig, were presented with a check for $1300, proceeds raised during the Shikles 8K. This is an annual event and has benefited Kesem (previously known as Camp Kesem) for the last 3 years.  They were also given a donation of $500 from Young Children Priority One (a committee of Boonslick Kiwanis).

Kesem is Hebrew for "Magic". The group is non-profit, run 100% by college students. The local chapter has now extended to a 2 week camp program, of about 75 kids each week, and additionally there are 2 reunions at Mizzou.

Supporting kids of parents who have or have had cancer, lots of kids don't have close friends because they push...

The Bridge - 06/29/2016
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Pictured are Jennifer and member John Conway, with Mernell King, Director of Early Childhood Programs who has spent 20 years with Head Start. She was a public school teacher and worked with Mental Health in Missouri. She has received a National Leadership Award from National Head Start Association.

Explained a new program called 'the bridge'. Research showed that the fade-out effect by third grade was not showing the gains they had hoped. A big part of the problem is the continued poverty of the families. First 5 families who signed up do not speak English. We provide translators. Success stories.

One little girl wouldn't speak up because she wasn't sure she could speak English...

Cyber Crime Task Force - 06/15/2016
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Detective Tracy Perkins, shown with member Jo Behymer, was the speaker for a program addressing cyber crimes.

Det Perkins has been with the Sherriff's dept. for 23 year, and 20 years dedicated to child law enforcement, helping them not be re-victimized.

As the internet developed, so did chat rooms. Andy Anderson was a strong advocate for children and would pose as a 13-14 y/o child, approached for sex. He was proactive and it was 'just him' at the time, having a degree in forensics. A Senator advocated for funds and created the Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force. At the time, Tracy had just graduated with her Masters degree and her paper was on exploitation of children through the internet,...

Democratic Process: Delegates - 06/08/2016
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Wayne Behymer with Chester Edwards, speaking on the Democratic Process, having been a past delegate to the National Presidential Convention.  He is also a 200 mph club member of the Indy 500. Since 1968, his wife and he have celebrated anniversaries with the Behymers.

Chester was born and raised in Indianna, amongst Republicans. They moved into a home with ta TV and he watched a lot of the politics as an 11 year old.

Later in life, his daughter had the contract to handle the contract for the Missouri delegation convention.

Process is different. In the past, there was a caucus system (which he prefers) where people have a strong interest. there is a different dialog with voting at the polls....

Sean Spence brings the BBB to Boonslick - 06/01/2016
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Sean Spence, Regional Director for the Better Business Bureau, educated Boonslick on 10 Things You May Not Know About the Better Business Bureau.  Those include:

  1. Their mission is to help build a more trusting marketplace.
  2. BBB is over 100 years old.
  3. BBB is a non-profit organization, created by the business community, to set its own standards of good behavior.
  4. BBB helps solve conflicts between consumers and business - taking complaints, reporting, and providing mediation and binding arbitration.
  5. BBB helps attract customers - referral service, SEO and their directory.
  6. BBB offers most services for free, to anyone.
  7. BBB accredits non-profit organizations.
  8. BBB is an information resource for...

Miss Queen City Teen visits Boonslick - 05/26/2016
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Miss Queen City Teen, Rachel Spurling, visited with Boonslick Kiwanis.

Boonville Interclub - 05/26/2016
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Boonslick members Jim Hogan, Rob Perkins, David Mast, John Conway and Larry Knipp join the Boonville Kiwanis club for the luncheon meeting.

Endowment Contributions Options - 05/11/2016
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Travis Figg (club member), of Edward Jones, and Jeff Johnson, of Prudential (manages legacy and estate planning), clarified means of donating to the newly launched endowment fund of Boonslick Kiwanis.

Everyone is aware of 'cash contributions' but there are 3 other strategies addressed.

First is QCD (Qualified Cash Distribution) from IRA's 4036 / 457 / 401 K. Gave example of withdraw requirements as 70 1/2 year old and how it would possibly benefit reducing taxable reportable income and benefit endowment while being a charitable deduction. The key is to directly transfer to the endowment.

Second is HAS (Highly Appreciated Stocks/Securities), again the best strategy is to directly transfer...

2015 Annual Meeting - 05/04/2016
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President Sheri Wyatt and Randy Wyatt demonstrated the proper way to fold a U.S. flag and provided the meaning behind the 13 folds during Boonslick's Annual Meeting. Club officers for the 2016-2017 year were voted on and a new investment policy authorizing the establishment of an Endowment was approved by the general membership.

The new club officers are:

2016-2017 Officers
Past-President:  Sheri Wyatt
President:  Keith Broadus
President-Elect:  Angela Pigg
Secretary:  Rebekah Robertson
Treasurer:  Marlowe Schlegel

New board members:


 Virginia Allen 

 John Shikles

Congratulations to all!

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) - 04/27/2016
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Stephanie Rosshopf and Robin Dianics, introduced by club member Garach Smith, shared information about MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers), an international organization with the Columbia chapter the largest in Missouri.

Stephanie had 3 kids in 2 years (set of twins) and her life changed in those years so she quit her job to care them. Robin had 2 kids and became the co-President after asking on Facebook about teething toddler. A friend from South Bend, IN told her about MOPs. After her 2nd child, she developed severe post-partum depression and some MOPs members came to her home on a day that she was considering suicide. Recently her husband took his 1st communion, important to her as they are faith...

Columbia Area Career Center - 04/20/2016
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Randall Gooch, Director of Career and Technical and Adult Education for Columbia Public Schools, with Sherry Wyatt, club President was invited by member Jim Hogan to share information about Columbia's programs. Mr. Gooch has more than 18 years of experience in education, having filled a variety of roles including teaching, counseling and Director of career center in Mexico, MO prior to CPS. He is a 'life long learner' having multiple degrees in Industrial Technology, education, and leadership.

Columbia has the 2nd largest career and technical education program in Missouri, and we have three locations in Columbia. Improving access to programs is in process.

They serve ages 10-80 plus...

Turning Point - 04/13/2016
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Marlowe invited Susan March, and KJ Thunder, to give a program about Turning Point & Loaves & Fishes.

Susan shared that Wilkes Blvd United Methodist Church took on Loaves and Fishes over a year ago. Once you "tag to a denomination", it creates a wall that make some hesitant to join with you. Now, their identity is, "We are The Wilkes and 7th". Their vision is "Growing together in faith through service".

There is a homeless population in Columbia. When Jerry Schneider was found dead, there was a grieving community that no one wanted to touch. The Church decided to aid in the grief process. The homeless community came together. That made a lot a...

Wine Tasting - 04/12/2016
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Bill Granier gave a program on wine tasting at the club satellite meeting. He had been in the alcohol distribution industry for 39 years. Typically, his presentations were to 'sales force', restaurant wait staff, and consumer groups. After a show of hands (14 members), he termed us a 'novice' group. We peeled both black and green grapes to see that the inside is the same. All juice from grapes is clear. The color comes from including peelings in processing. Juice contains acids (cream of tartar is made from the precipitate of tartaric acid). Malic acid converts to Lactic acid giving the wine a buttery/creamy flavor (primarily Chardonnay). There are four steps in wine tasting:...

Quilts Tell Your Story - 04/06/2016
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Becky Douglas, local quilt artist, shared her story and showed quilts she has made over the years. She made her first quilt at the age of 18. Her mom and grandma were both quilters. A regular sewing machine, with a larger motor is what she uses to produce her art.

Initially, she has made applique quilts, traditional quilts and now art.  She has shown her quilts at shows and has chaired quilt shows.

Her quilts are named, such as 'pickled'. One, named 'doppler radar' was after she experienced hurricanes in Charlotte County Florida.

Her quilts have been at the National showing in Paduka, with over 50,000 attendees.

After learning she could quilt art using strong emotion, she...

Committee Day - 03/30/2016
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Any month with a 5th Wednesday is Committee Day. Each committee meets, discusses and reports are as follows:

Deb - Communications Committee - will be submitting activities/events to Kiwanigram, Kiwanis Magazine, and Pulse

Becky - 50th B'day Committee - Every committee needs to submit persons who they have helped to involve in our celebration. We will have a 'high quality' auction, so if you have significant items to auction, let her know. Anyone with photos of the past, please send to her, or Deb. We will have a slideshow past to present. Please invite former members that have left for any reason. We will have a 'kick off' for the club endowment fund "$50" for our...

Grant Preschool Program - 03/23/2016
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Bev Borduin accepts a check from John Conway, on behalf of Boonslick Kiwanis, which will go towards the $15,000 annual funds needed to support preschool education. John also presented Bev with a personal check from he and his wife, Pam, to match.

Bev has been in education for 40 years. She found her passion in teaching kids. She became a Principal at Grant and is now retired, with a volunteer position of Executive Director for the Rollins Reading Company.

Bev, as a teacher and then Principal, noticed that Kindergarteners were showing behaviors of frustration. Used to be, that Kindergarten was a place to learn to be social, before advancing into academics. Now, it's more like 1st grade used...

Raise Your Hands for Kids - 03/16/2016
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Jack Jensen, with member Ann McGinity, spoke about the upcoming initiative for Missouri that will be on the ballot April 4. This is an early childhood health and education initiative. Taking care of kids is the most important thing we can do.

Missouri does not consider this a budget priority. Only 37 million is designated for the entire state. Only 3% of 4 year olds are covered by any kind of state program. Missouri lags far behind.

We also have the nations lowest cigarette tax at 17 cents per pack. We are 950% below the national average, lower even than the tobacco states.

The initiative is proposing an increase of over 600%, but it will still put us over 300% below the national average. ...

Maintaining Excellence in Columbia Public Schools - 03/09/2016
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Dr. Stiepleman, Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools, was introduced by member Nancy Burke, to discuss the upcoming April 5 ballot issues.

Dr. Peter Stiepleman is in his second year as CPS Superintendent. He and Elizabeth are the proud parents of three sons. With the many challenges of our school district, he continues to use his strong relationships throughtout the community to be a dedicated steward of The District's vision and mission: to be the best district in the state and to provide an excdellent education for all students.

There are two issues. One is a bond "to build", and one is a levy "to operate".  The ond requires no tax increase. The levy requires...

Proposition 1 - Roll Carts - 03/02/2016
Submitted by: Deb
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Pictured are presenters Mary Sapp (vote Yes = no roll carts) (with member Nancy Burke) and Michael Trapp (vote No = yes roll carts if want, not a must).

March 15 is the Presidential primary, where city voters will also have Proposition 1 to vote on. The Proposition came from a petition to the city of Columbia. Solid waste payments wfould be $15.40/mo for everyone, no matter how much trash. "Cheaper. Safer. Greener. is the motto. Some support a hybrid system, some roll carts, different sizes. People would pay so much per bag. Would encourage conservation. Voting no will not force anyone to have a roll cart. Columbia landfill is taller than 10 stories. No incentive for recycling.

Mary Sapp,...

Every Event Gives - 02/24/2016
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Sean C. Spence, shown with President-elect, Keith Broadus, is CEO of Every Event Gives. He is also a Regional Director of the Mid-Missouri Better Business Bureau.

Sean has given two other programs to our club, one about riding his bicycle 1500 miles to NY, another on Disabilities/Rights.

Every Event Gives is a mostly supplemental ticket sales website for groups that are selling tickets to events. Some groups are large and established and sell thousands of tickets and use the website alone.

It works by creating and sending a link to members and fees are incorporated into giving by ticket purchasers. The link can be sent to others via email or social media. Funds raised are directly mailed from...

Everything Dental - 02/17/2016
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Tyler Nivens, DDS, was raised in COMO. The next 8 years were spent in KC. He graduated with a biochemical degree from William Jewell, then attended and graduated Cum Laude from UMKC dental school.  He moved back to Columbia, with his wife Sarah, and took a position as an associate dentist at the Family Dental Center. After 5 years, he moved into private practice. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their 5 year old daughter, 1 year old son, and 10 year old dog. He also enjoys fishing, playing golf and attending Mizzou sporting events.

The program was entertaining while educating on topics of Fluoride, Mercury, Crowns/Bridges, Root Canals, Implants, Dentures, and Dental...

Boone County Children's Services Fund - 02/10/2016
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Kelly Wallis, Director of Boone County Community Services, shown with Boonslick Kiwanis member, David Cox was our speaker.

On November 6, 2012, voters passed Prop 1, which created a fund for children and youth 0-19 years of age. By statute, the funds may be invested to address the following needs:  temporary shelter for abused, neglected, runaway, homeless or emotionally disturbed youth, respite care, unmarried parent services, outpatient drug/psych treatment programs, transitional living services programs, home and community based family intervention programs, prevention programs which promote healthy lifestyles of youth and strengthen families, crisis intervention/including hotlines, professional...

E-Bikes - 02/03/2016
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John C introduced our speaker, Ted Curtis. He gave a program on E-Bikes (Electric Hybrid Bicycles).

Ted works for the city of Columbia as Manager of the biking program. His hobby is collecting.

The top reasons given for not using a bicycle for transportation or errands are "lack of physical ability", "injuries" and "takes too much time". E-bikes are being promoted to see if they will be used to get over these barriers.

Most are sold to people 55-65 years old, those with physical limitations, and commuters.  A survey of owners results showed that most were also higher educated and had higher education. 94% had ridden as adults but increased their riding by 93%...

Story Up - 01/27/2016
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Sarah Hill and Scott Schaefer presented information on Story Up, a new social enterprise that combines virtual reality video to raise awareness for certain causes. They just got back from Africa, doing some stories about the PET Project.

 Sarah was working at Veterans United, and creating a way for veterans to experience the Honor Flight if they were unable to go.  When a movie company gave them a bid for 1/2 million to create it, she asked, can we do it ourselves?  

She gave up her job at VU to start her own business in virtual reality, to create a sense of empathy to understand a problem and to be able to help. The business model is similar to newspaper.

They brought a VR headset...

Columbia Solar Potential - 01/13/2016
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John introduced Jay Hasheider, the Enery Services Superintendent for Columbia Water & Light, to speak about Columbia Solar Potential.  We were especially grateful for his stepping in at the last minute when a prior program could not attend.

Energy - Columbia only uses 7% of the available energy from the sun. There is a lot of potential!

Economics - Prices are going down, incentives are increasing (rebates and federal tax credits), net metering (leftover power is credited to the homeowner for up to a year). Homeowners see a return on their solar investment in 7 - 10 years.

Community Solar Program - people without the ability to utilize solar, are given the opportunity to participate through...

Family Christmas Caroling - 01/06/2016
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Kimber, Maggie & Leonora are Angie's, sister to Deb Shore, Boonslick member who gave today's program. Another sister of Deb, Pam from CA, spent Christmas this year here in Missouri and rewrote Christmas carols to tell stories of family members present on Christmas Day. 

Deb sang:

  1. Alex, The Boyfriend (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman)
  2. The Twelve Days of Fishing (final verse only, for Deb's love of fishing)
  3. Deck the Hills (for Angie & her dogs)
  4. What Bro is This (to the tune of What Child is This, for her baby brother who's stories do not match the stories of his 4 sisters)

In between acapella singing by Deb, there were holiday stories told by members that had us...

Kiwanis celebrates Christmas - 12/23/2015
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Lonnie Echternacht, long time member, played Christmas music to start our celebration. We sang carols and played games. Highlighted with members telling stories from past Christmas'.  We had a very Merry Christmas!

Tobacco: Over 21 year purchase initiative - 12/16/2015
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John Shikles introduced our speaker Ginny Chadwick, First Ward City Councilwoman. She's had a large impact on community youth. Discussed the tobacco initiative, raising the purchasing age from 18 to 21.

Tobacco is the #1 leading cause of death in the U.S. with 500,000 people dying annually, 1 of every 2 who use tobacco.

Missouri has the highest youth under age 18 who smoke - 13.9%

Missouri allows marketing, and the cost is higher per person than the rest of the country.  It is known if you addict early, the addiction is more likely to continue for longer.

The total cost to an employer of a smoker is over $5000.00 annually.

Raising the minimum smoking age to 21, reduces initiation of...

WWII: USS Franklin - 12/09/2015
Submitted by: Deb
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Dru Maupin (C), Lt. Gov. MO-ARK District provided the program today, attended with other Fulton Kiwanis club members, Kate Osborn and Bruce Carpenter.

Dru gave a program that he first gave in 1998, about a warship that his father was on, surviving attack. The USS Franklin was the most heavily damaged ship that did not sink, and the most heavily decorated ship in the Navy.

His father worked for his strict father and joined the Navy on his 33rd birthday to get away. He went to basic training then Oakland, CA where he met his mother at a dance. 

The USS Franklin was launched in June, with his dad one of the original crew. Cards providing ship information had portions of it's location...

Higher M-Pact - 12/02/2015
Submitted by: Deb
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DeMarko (L) invited Tyrone Flowers, JD to share information on this community-based organization.  Sierra and Reba are youth involved in the program.

Tyrone showed a video highlighting his life and motivation for founding this program which impacts high risk urban youth for success.  He has over 25 years experience in youth development and juvenile justice.

His passion, profession and purpose are in alignment.

It's important to show kids how to learn while in their reality. Teach them to get in and out of conversations. No expectation is worse than low expectation. Read their actions - if they keep showing up, they value something they're learning. Teach to manage problems/challenges...

Membership True/False - 11/25/2015
Submitted by: Deb
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Wayne Behymer had Boonslick Kiwanis club members write down, in random order, three things about themselves that was true but little known, and one thing that was false.  He then chose random members to determine if they could pick out the false statements.

As Ann said during the program, it's obvious we need to know more about some of these things!

John, thankfully was prepared with his hat, because Wayne hadn't talked with him beforehand about allowing the correct guesser, or the stumper, to draw from the hat!


CLAIM Your Medicare Benefits - 11/18/2015
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CLAIM regional liaison Cindy Carr spoke to members of the Columbia-Boonslick Kiwanis Club during the club’s Nov. 18 meeting at Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant. The 30-minute presentation offered a brief history of the CLAIM program, as well as examples of who the program serves and how CLAIM counselors can help local residents get information about Medicare. Carr also explained how to qualify and enroll in the Medicare program before the upcoming December 7 enrollment deadline, as well as offered suggestions to help enrollees ensure that their prescriptions are covered by their plan, avoid penalties and explained programs to help Medicare beneficiaries stretch their health care dollars....

The Honorable Judge Nanette Laughrey - 11/11/2015
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Jo Behymer introduced today's speaker, the Honorable Judge Nanette Laughrey.  She is a Senior US district judge for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and US District Court for the Western District of Missouri.  Central to every aspect of her life is Christ Kelly, husband, best friend, cherished companion. It takes a really powerful man to share power.

Her court is physically located in the state, but cases are Federal, not State cases.

The first case she tried was over 18 years ago.  A bank robbery in Blue Springs, MO. The reason it was tried in Federal Court, was because the bank was FDIC insured.

As a fairly new judge, she tried a case where a young...

Burns Recovered Support Group - 11/04/2015
Submitted by: Deb
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Julie Peetz, Executive Director, shown with Boonslick Kiwanis member Rebekah Robertson, joined Burns Recovered Support Group in February of 2015.

Julie brings over 28 years of successful non-profit experience with at-risk populations to her role.  Her background includes an independent living community for seniors in St. Louis, grant writing, Exec. Director for emergency shelter for homeless women & children, and working as a probation and parole officer is Missouri.

Gary and Linda Hansen founded the burn survivor support program in 1983. 

The program was started with Mercy Hospital and has expanded to Missouri and some Illinois burn centers.

Many burn survivors are initially put...

Blue Thunder - 10/28/2015
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Program:  Blue Thunder

Bryan Bacon introduced Camren Cross and Stephanie King. Blue Thunder is a cross country / track club for 6-18 year olds. Personally, Bryan has seen his kids confidence grow. His daughter Ellie qualified for National All Star Team. The Boonslick ‘youth services committee’ presented Blue Thunder with $500.

During their day jobs, Camren works in the Administrative dept of Columbia Parks and Rec. Stephanie is a doctor in Physical Therapy at Rusk Rehab.

Camren has always worked with kids. Parks and Rec has track ‘class’ for a few weeks then kids practice at Columbia Track Club. He was asked to run practices when someone out of town. He saw it as...

Marching Mizzou - 10/21/2015
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Nancy introduced the speaker. Dr. Fuller Lyon is Assistant Director of Bandsat the University of Missouri where he co-directs Marching Mizzou, Mini Mizzou, conducts the University Band, teaches marching band techniques and undergraduate conducting for music majors, and coordinates all special events hosted by the MU Band program,including Band Day, Champion of Champions marching festival, and the Homecoming Parade competition. Furthermore, he is honored to serve as the tubist in the Faculty BrassQuintet.  
Dr. Lyon also is a recruiter, a clinician to area Middle/High Schools, and a drill designer for other colleges and high schools.  
Dr. Lyon also spoke about the history of Marching...

University of Missouri - Undergrad advocacy - 10/14/2015
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Tim McLaughlin introduced our speaker Dr. Jim Spain, Vice Provost for the University of Missouri. Dr. Spain is a recipient of the Kemper Fellows teaching award. His primary job is advocating for undergraduate students and professors at the University.

28,000 undergraduate students are enrolled this year at MU.

He pointed out traditions at MU; Tiger walk, Birthplace of Homecoming, Tiger Prowl that all add to the MU success rate and enthusiasm for the university.

Why do students come here? For the varied degree programs both undergraduate and professional, great graduation success job placement, SEC, proximity (both near and far for various students), high retention rate and the overall full college...

Corporate Bankruptcy - 10/07/2015
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Bryan Bacon (center) reviewed Corporate Bankruptcy in the United States; shown with Nancy (left) and Keith, President-elect (right).

Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code governs the reorganization of businesses. The Policy Objective is to preserve a business as an on-going concern (which keeps people employed).

The vast majority of cases are voluntary petitions. Once filed, all creditors stop pursuit (called an 'automatic stay'). Unless there is gross mismanagement, the debtor retains possession of the property. A Plan of re-organization by the debtor is voted on by creditors and can be accepted by one class of creditors.

Bankruptcy worsens cash flow of businesses, so few successful plans...

Athletes in Action Urban Project - 09/23/2015
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Nancy introduced our speaker Liana Doty, whom she invited after reading an article about a mission trip she had taken. Michael Scott came with her, and helps to coach the Women's Basketball team she's a member of.

Last year, Oct 24, Liana had an injury and was on crutches for 4 months. She tore a tendon. She loves to be active, to run, to move and it was hard but turned into the best year of her life for 3 primary reasons.  First, she was able to see things from a different perspective.  God showed her a deeper joy than self.  It's fun bringing people together.  Second, for the time she spend at Nickerson Gardens, a housing project in LA.  Shared experiences...

Youth Protection - 09/16/2015

Matt and Angela Pigg, Boonslick Kiwanis members and Scout leaders provided information to membership about Youth Protection.

Youth Protection Policy is covered in our Bylaws. The Policy says what we should be doing to protect children and ourselves. This new policy which was approved by the Board of Directors will go in our Bylaws. SLP sponsors with CPS need to have background checks. Sponsors = Members of a Kiwanis Committee. We need a background check person on the Kiwanis web site. Go to the Kiwanis site and take the quiz. Angela emphasized that we do this for our protection. We need to follow these steps to protect ourselves. One could be accused of something; help prove our innocence.


Missouri State Highway Patrol - 09/09/2015
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Jo Behymer introduced Corporal Brandon Adamson, a corporal in Callaway County and assistant zone supervisor.  Receiving his training in law enforcement in Jeff City at the Missouri academy, he held numerous leadership positions in his recruitment class. He’s been a trooper for 6 years, the last 4 in Callaway. He earned his BS from the Univ of MO in forestry and worked there as a Research Forester.  Also a certified arborist, he owned his own company, Adamson Arboriculture.

Corporal Adamson has a friend who is a trooper and after being called a ‘farmer’, decided to go into law enforcement.  He loves the entire job, not just parts of it.

The route to being a trooper...

Exercise for Wellness - 09/02/2015
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Korey Elkin, Personal Trainer, shown with Boonslick Kiwanis member, Wayne Behymer spoke and demonstrated simple exercises.  He is with Boone Hospital, working to improve relationships with physicians and the community to promote exercise benefits in wellness.

Key points are to start slow and steady, making minor changes as your body adapts, to show progress over time.  Don't get bored with your 'routine', be creative to stay motivated.  Don't start over stressing your body so that you don't want to continue. Find activities you enjoy.  It takes 2-4 weeks for the body to adapt, so be consistent.

Move your body for 20 minutes without stopping.  A good...

CASA - 08/26/2015
news image

Terry Foals, Recruiter for Heart of Missouri CASA, with Boonslick Kiwanis member Bryan Bacon.

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates.  Clients are abused, neglected children in the foster care system; in Boone & Callaway counties.

Terry walked us through an empathy exercise "Remember when you were 4 years old.  Imagine strangers coming to your home, having you gather some of your things and taking you somewhere else to spend the night". 

CASA volunteers are trained and designated by a judge, as 'non-attorney officers of the court', which means they have a say, on behalf of the child, when decisions are being made. Training is 6 weeks with the expectation...

Columbia Airport Update - 08/19/2015
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Our speaker, Greg Cecil, was introduced by club member, John Conway. 

Mr. Cecil has been in Columbia for 30 years and has recently retired from MU as a fundraiser.  He has been on the Airport Advisory Board for 12 years and chaired for 4 years.  The board is a liason between Public Works and City Council.

The airport originally was located at Cosmo Park and was moved to increase the runway.

In 1978, airlines were deregulated.  Eight airlines have served since 1975.

Passenger statistics - 1977 there were 116,000 annually.  In 2002 there were 46,000.  In 2015 there were 106, 459 annually and their goal by 2020 is to serve 240,000 passengers.

Expanding runways will...

Pulmonary Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) - 08/13/2015
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Dr. John Adams, Jr, of Columbia Surgical Associates, discussed Pulmonary Arterial Disease (P.A.D.). Dr. Adams educated the group about the disease, its high-risk indicators and preventive measures.

John Conway Educates Boonslick Kiwanians - 08/05/2015
news image

John Conway educated Boonslick Kiwanians about members serving as officers over the 50 year history of Boonslick.

Of note, there have been two members who've served as President twice (Bob Stewart and Wayne Behymer).  There have been 6 female Presidents since women were admitted as members of Kiwanis (Sherry Rush, Elda, Phyllis Miller, Jo Behymer, Deb Shore and Sherry Wyatt).  Three members have been Lt. Governor (David Cox, Elda K, and Russell Thompson).

Marlowe Schlegel has served as Treasurer for 16 years and was recognized.  Over that time, 13 people have attended convention 20 times (some more than one, of course).

It was a fun discussion with give and take among...

Central Missouri Honor Flight - 07/22/2015
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Michele Spry, a native of Columbia, MO, was introduced by Molly Froidl. Michele is the founder of Mizzou Ambassadors, has written a children's book, created (w/ husband) Midway Electric and is now President, is an active member of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, a Partner in Education with Midway Heights elementary, and has won awards, including Outstanding Business Women of the Year. She is very involved with the community and spoke to our club today about her work with Central Missour Honor Flight.

Earl Morris, a Physicians Assistant & Retired Air Force, worked in the dept. of Veternas Affairs, asking WWII patients if they had ever traveled, or would ever travel to see their memorial. ...

Camp Kesem - 07/15/2015
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Joe Grotha, Charlie, and Daniel Neff are shown with John Shikles, son of past member Jeff Shikles, and member John Conway.

Each year, Boonslick Kiwanis organizes the Shikles Race Walk fundraiser.  This is the 2nd year that Camp Kesem received the donation.

The organization is nationwide and recently is being rebranded as "Kesem" (Hebrew for 'magic'), dropping the "Camp".  The program started in 2000 at Stanford University.  there are now 62 camps with 5000 campers.  Campers are ages 6-16 years old, have a parent with cancer, in remission or passed away from cancer.  The program is free, with fundraising coming from private/group donations such...

Blasé Barton with Chi Alpha - 07/08/2015
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Blasé Barton is a Jr. at MU majoring in Agriculture and spoke of his involvement with Chi Alpha. (Christ Ambassadors) With that organization he has made two trips to Atlanta to serve the homeless community and Metro Kids. Chi Alpha partners with an Atlanta not for profit called the Dream Center which has operated for at least 10 years in the area of the “Million Dollar Mile” a stretch of road known in Atlanta for having a million dollars of illegal activity, drugs, prostitution each week. The Dream Center provides food, clothing, and activities for kids to support while they “love on” the members of that community and to show them a way out of their situation....

MODOT - 07/01/2015
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Mike Schupp, Central Area Engineer, MoDOT was introduced by Boonslick Kiwanis member John Conway.  John reminisced about being an intern for MoDOT in Joplin.

Mike graduated from MU in 1994 and has worked as an engineer for MoDOT since then.

80,000 vehicles travel daily in Columbia.

There will be a public informational meeting on July 16 at Emery Sapp & Sons to discuss upcoming projects.

Funding budget over last 10 years, because of the passage of Amendment 3 (requiring bonded projects) was 1-1.2 billion per year.  That will drop, July 2017, to 325 million.  It takes $485 million just to maintain roads.  They will have to concentrate on primary roads, such as I-70 &...

Adolescents changes - 06/24/2015
news image

Dr. Connie Brooks, introduced by Boonslick Kiwanis member Deb Shore, spoke to the club membership about changes in the adolescent brain.

Dr. Brooks is a pediatric psychologist with expertise in diagnosis, trauma, attachment, autism and clinical supervision.  She is currently the Interim Director of the Health Professions Division at the Thompson Center and has worked in the Columbia Area for more than 15 years with children and their families.

Dr. Brooks initially meets children and families in the midst of problems.  She relates how our own unique upbringing experiences influence how we react to those in the same situations.  Pre-teen and teen are experiencing quite different...

Day Dreams Foundation - 06/17/2015
news image

Joe Bradley, a Boonslick Kiwanis member and today's speaker, talked about starting Day Dreams Foundation and it's growth and current status.

The origin of the name is that "Day" is when you put in work for your "Dreams" to achieve.  It started when his "Little Brother" (Big Brother/Big Sister organization) wanted to play on a football league and needed $135 to play and $100 for equipment.  Joe got a call from the Grandma asking for help.  The community Voluntary Action Center gives up to $50 for youth activities, which was a start, but Joe saw a need and continued to raise money for his little brother successfully, progressing to helping others.


Imagineering - 06/10/2015
news image

Frank Williams, intro'd by Nancy Burke, worked for Walt Disney Imagineering from 1979 to 2002. Imagineering is the design, engineering and construction division for the Walt Disney Parks worldwide. Although Frank's task was to estimate the cost to build the parks, Frank was heavily involved as an artist with Disney. Frank participated in a prestigious art show (Herb Ryman) at Imagineering for 5 years. Frank sold pieces of his artwork every year he participated.

Frank has worked with artist Ron Pekar on numerous full scale bronze sculpture projects. Since moving to Columbia Frank has taught art classes at Access Art, The Intersection, and Boone County Bank. Currently Frank is enjoying...

Positive Coaching - 06/03/2015
news image

Dr Rick McGuire discussed his principles of positive coaching with members of Boonslick Kiwanis. These are:

  1. Discover the Calling
  2. Building the Foundation
  3. Cultivate Positive and Caring Relationships
  4. Empower Growth Mindsets
  5. Inspire Passionate Hearts
  6. Produce and Achieve Optimal Performances

The Missouri Institute for Positive Coaching's mission is to promote Positive Coaching in sports at all levels, and to enhance lives and society by "Winning Kids with Sport!". Positive Coaching develops competitive athletes and teams by teaching and modeling the process of how to be a SuCCCCCCCess, both in and out of sport! It is Demanding, Not Demeaning.  The building blocks of positive coaching...

Tom Bass, Black Horseman - 05/27/2015
news image

Tom Bass & Janet Thompson introduced by Donna Russell spoke about Tom Bass, a renouned horse trainer.

Janet gave some history.  In 1946, four players of African American decent broke the barrier in football.  Tom Bass, born in 1859, broke the barrier in equestrian competition. He developed a 'bit' to improve comfort of horses and didn't patent it, so everyone could benefit.  He was a trainer for 50 years.

Tom shared that there is a book, available for purchase at the Boone County Historical Society and the Historical Society in Mexico, MO.  The book was written by Bill Downey, taken around and introduced to everyone who knew Tom Bass.

Tom started out training...

Tree Top Innovative Learning Center - 05/20/2015
news image

Chris and Tiffany Campbell, introduced by Marlowe Schlegel, spoke to us about Tree Top Innovative Learning Center.  Tiffany is a nurse.  They have a blended family with 6 children from 13-19 years old. 

Living in north Columbia, Chris and Tiffany recognized there was a lack of innovative learning in their area.  They started helping from the basement of their home, being part of Head Start and First Chance for Children.  They began Tree Top for daycare and community center service.  Goals are Kindergarten ready and college bound. 

Community has supported them.  They did not ask for money, but materials. Tiger Turf is a room with actual turf from football...

Pecan Farming from A to Z - 05/06/2015
news image

George Montgomery introduced by Jim Hogan shared information about he, and his wife, Lynn's aptly named "Montgomery Pecan Farm".  George was raised in Columbia, MO, attended Hickman and MU and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

After purchasing 6 acres of land, they chose to raise pecan trees.  There needs to be 35 feet of spacing and as trees get larger, they have to be taken out due to shading.  Harvesting is in the fall, Sept. to Nov.  During the growing season they fertilize, spray for bugs, irrigate daily, unless it's raining, from 200-250 gallons per day per tree.  They have a deep well and pond on the land.

Sales and marketing...

2015 Battle High School Water Walk - 04/29/2015
news image

Alexia Adeshakin and Jonathan Armistead of Battle High School were introduced by John Conway.  They shared plans for the high school's upcoming Water Walk.

Women and children spend 200 million hours each day fetching water.  You can help combat water poverty and emulate the daily trek made by millions of women and children around the world for water!

May 9th at 10 a.m. at the main entrance of Battle High School, you can participate in the 5K walk to help raise funds to bring potable water to sub-Saharan Africa.  Learn more or donate by visiting


Welcome Home, Inc - 04/15/2015
news image

Maggie Giliberto, Social Worker with Welcome Home, Inc. is introduced by Roger Dowdy.  Not a veteran herself, she was raised by family with a military history and background.

Welcome Home, Inc. was started in 1991 by 4 local veterans.  It provides emergency and transitional housing to veterans.  A non-profit agency, they focus on helping residents acquire residential stability, increased and reliable income, and eventually permanent stable housing.

Additionally, they operate a VA program (SSVF) - Supportive Services for Veteran Families.  The program allows assistance to low-income veterans and their families in acquiring and keeping permanent housing.

The Emergency Shelter...

Great American Solar Eclipse - 04/08/2015
news image

Angela Speck, Director of Astronomy at the University of Missouri, was introduced by club member Wayne Behymer.  She has been at Mizzou for 13 years.  She is from Yorkshire and attended college in London.

What is a solar eclipse?  It is the shadow of the moon on earth.  We don't get an eclipse each month because of a 3rd dimension, that of orbits.  Only when the moon's orbit coincides with earth's orbit do we get an eclipse.  This occurs approximately every 6 months and in different locations.  A lunar eclipse can be seen only at night and depending on the location.  Typically they are as dark as a full moon night.

Annular eclipses - because...

Extreme Makeover - 04/01/2015
news image

Club member David Mast shared his extreme home makeover story.  Purchased for $10,500, his property received an EXTREME "remodel" wherein most of the property, inside and out, was replaced.  The result was a fabulous rental property.

Welcome Donna Russell - 04/01/2015
news image

Columbia Boonslick Kiwanis welcomes new member Donna Russell!!

Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri - 03/25/2015
news image

Claycie Gerlt, introduced by Rod Hartwig, is with Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri (LfCS). She received her Bachelors & Masters degrees in Social Work from MU.  Her and her husband moved her 10 years ago for school and, like many of us, never left.  They have a 3 year old daughter.  She has been at LfCS for about 6 years.

The majority of her role is working with crisis pregnancies coming in for adoption services.  It's an 'open book' where the potential adoptive parents share their information in a book so the mother can be a part of the child's life if she wants.  It's felt to be better for the child in the long run if they...

April 7 Ballot Initiatives - 03/11/2015
news image

Tad Johnsen, Director for Columbia Water and Light, and Erin Keys, stormwater engineer with Columbia Public Works Department, spoke with our group about the April 7th ballot initiatives.  There is an Electric bond issue on the ballot to fund additional infrastructure and a proposal that would increase stormwater fees over the next 5 years.  This would be the first increase since 1993.

Fun City - 03/04/2015
news image

Consuela Johnson, Director of Fun City, shared information about her organization and its operations and history in Columbia.

History of Food Guides - 02/25/2015
news image

Jennifer Schnell, a Dietician with the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, has worked in several areas, such as hospitals, dining services and with research.  When she was a student, she was a recipient of a local Kiwanis scholarship.

The first food guide was created by the USDA

  • 1916 Food for Young Children
  • 1917 How to select foods
  • 1943 Basic Seven (food groups)
    • included serving sizes for the first time
  • 1956 Basic Four
    • first time fitness was included
  • 1977 Hassle Free Guide
    • along the time of the Vietnam and Korean wars, and the 'war on poverty', it was identified that 'healthy veterans' were not healthy

Senators, not scientists came up with dietary...

Nurses Notes - 02/11/2015
news image

Deb Shore, a Boonslick Kiwanis member and past President, works as an RN at Women & Children's Hospital in the NICU.  She shared some thoughts about nursing with the club for today's program.

First and most important is faith.  You cannot do this job without it.  Each nurse is different because of their different experiences so patients and their families are all treated uniquely depending on the nurse.

You've heard of the cup being half full or half empty.  Nurses cups are filled each day in their work.

Deb abandoned adult patient care due to working with neuro patients for decades and with the heavy lifting, pulling, transfering chair to bed, etc, it has...

Alpacas & Fiber Products - 02/04/2015
news image

Gary and Mary Licklider shared products (Mary is wearing a hat and Gary is holding a stuffed toy) made from Alpaca fiber; and presented information about their Alpaca farm, Curly Eye and fiber business, Heartfelt.

Alpacas are related to camels.  They are not true ruminants but do have 3 compartments to their stomachs and an efficient digestive system.  They conserve water.  They have 2 toes with toenails, like a dog.  Their split upper lip makes a difference when eating food.  It's like the difference between wearing mittens and gloves.  They can pick and choose what parts of food they want, like picking icing off a cake.

In Missouri, the summer is most stressful. ...

First Chance for Children - 01/28/2015
news image

Jack Jensen - Executive Director of First Chance for Children spoke about the importance of early childhood.  He recognizes that the initiative of early childhood learning programs in Columbia are picking up. 

James Heckman, Nobel Prize winner (Economics) stated that if we invest early, it's the best place with the greatest return of 7-10%.

First Chance for Children tries to get across the importance of preschool education, and really it's earlier than that, with prenatal care.  The average cost for a healthy infant is $4500.  The average cost for a premature infant is $49,000. 

When looking at children in quality preschools, they have a much higher graduation...

Jefferson/Smithton Future City Team - 01/21/2015
news image

John Conway introduced the Future Cities Team from Jefferson and Smithton Middle Schools.  Jake Giessman is the Secondary EEE Program/Education mentor for the team and John is the Engineer mentor for the team. Teresa Tang, Louise Schul, Kathlene Meninger gave the presentation.  Alice Tang attended as an intern (6th grader).

Their city is Pachaya.  The discussion was by aliens who were discovering the advanced human technology and engineering before earth was destroyed.  That city chose fish and potatoes as their food sources.

A handout was provided to the membership for the presentation.  Teams are limited to 7 minutes to present.  There were two 'moms'...

Sturgeon Future City Team - 01/14/2015
news image

Andrea Love, brought students comprising the Future Cities Team from the Sturgeon R-5 Gifted program, along with student interns to be on future teams.  Currently, the Future Cities competition is open to 6, 7 and 8 graders.  John Conway, a Boonslick Kiwanis member has been a consultant to their team.

Students presented a program on their city, Yangzhi.  Handouts had been provided to the club membership last week to prepare for the presentation with instructions to be prepared for this program so that valuable input could be provided to students in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses for their upcoming competitions. 

They will present at the Great Plains Regional...

Youth Protection - 01/07/2015
news image

Matt Pigg, Boyscout Leader & a member of Boonslick Kiwanis, gave a program on Youth Protection training.

Kiwanis International has a policy that is similar to the Boy Scouts of America policy.

Youth Protection benefits youth and adults.  Both Kiwanis International and BSA have information on their websites specific to these policies.

In scouting, there is a minimum of two registered adult leaders, or one registered leader and a parent of a participating Scout or other adult who must be 21 years of age or older.

One-on-one contact between adults and youth are prohibited.  If there is a situation requiring a personal meeting, it is to be conducted in view of other adults and youths.


Puppies for Parole - 12/20/2014
news image

George Lombardi, Director of the Dept. of Corrections traveled from Jeff City to speak about the Puppies for Parole Program. 

After retiring in 2005, at a facility for committed youth, he joined in an opportunity to observe them fishing at Chesapeake Bay and realized their childhoods were stolen from them in some way.  In a 50 year old study, those children who had/have a lack of education and/or abuse/neglect issues, were/are at risk.  Recognizing that, and working to change that, is a wise investment in public safety. 

When the Governor asked him to be Director, he accepted.

A dog program he attended asked him to consider allowing women inmates to train dogs for disabled,...

Title IX - 12/10/2014
news image

Dr. Linda Bennett, Interim Title IX Coordinator at the University of Missouri provided our program today.  Title IX reports to the Chancellor's office.  There are several connections including University Extensions (throughout the state of Missouri), Hospitals, MUPD and her position on the Board of True North.

Title IX is about who we are and how we interact, in every situation.  It's about access to education, benefiting both parties to determine that access.  It's a 'civil' vs 'legal' rights.

Inappropriate, unwelcome, persistent, continuing, repetitious behaviors are what is looked at.  Education is provided and compliance is expected.


Mizzou Concrete Canoe Club - 12/03/2014
news image

Virginia Trauth

Grant Montessori Preschool - 11/26/2014
news image

Bev Boudin, Executive Director of Grant Montessori Preschool, a volunteer position, is a retired teacher and principal who has been in public education for 35 years.

Grant Montessori Preschool is a school within a school.  The mission is to support early education literacy. There are 20 children who attend, 10 of those on scholarship, of mixed ethnicity and economics. To qualify, children must live in the Grant Elementary School district and be on the 'free/reduced lunch program'.  Names are picked from a lottery.

Ten years ago, as principal, Bev would spend 2 hours per day visiting classrooms and noted how Kindergarteners would struggle.  Public school support is always...

Coyote Hill - 11/19/2014
news image

Kari Hopkins is the Development Director of Coyote Hill. Their moto is: A Safe Place to Be a Child.  Providing a professional, yet traditional family home for abused & neglected children in mid-Missouri since 1991.

Some children come for a few days, some for 4-5 years.  Siblings are kept together, most at one time was 7.  Only 25% of siblings in foster care can stay together.    Approx 50 children are served yearly.  Maximum capacity is 32. They are 100% funded by the community.  Their non-denominational Christian community is supported by local churches.

There are 4 homes on 20 acres (gifted to them with first home in 1997).  Children live with...

The Salvation Army - 11/12/2014
news image

Lori Benson is the Planned Giving Counselor for The Salvation Army.  Her territory covers 42 counties.  She does three things for The Salvation Army.  Speaks (to groups such as ours), travels to donors to say Thank You and let them know what their donations are doing in their area, and educates on estate planning.

Mission statement includes: Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.  The Salvation Army is a church.  Beginning in 1861 by Booth as a mission in London, it was named in 1878, came to the US in 1879 and has spread now to 126 countries in 73 languages.

Services include Youth Programs, Housing and Homeless Services,...

Capital Campaign for Woodhaven - 11/05/2014
news image

Jaime Freidrichs, Director of Development at Woodhaven, shared thanks to Kiwanis for their work with differently abled adults over the years. 

Woodhaven serves 110 adults.  It's a 24/7 job to support their clients choices and provide for their achievements regardless of their level of ability. 

This is Woodhaven's 50th Anniversary year.  A 'Open House and Gala' celebration video was shared.  The announcement was made to have a capital campaign to build 2 buildings for elder care as clients age and also newer referrals have greater behavior challenges or medical support needs.  They have already raised over 1.2 million.  Recently they were offered...

Welcome Garache Smith - 10/24/2014
news image

Boonslick Kiwanians welcome Garache Smith as the newest member to their club. Garache was inducted at the regular meeting by David Cox and his sponsor David Mast.

Garache is employed by Farmer's Insurance Group.  He met members of Boonslick Kiwanis during the annual Jeff Shikles 8K race.  Garache is an ardent runner and recently completed his second marathon.

Cradle to Career - 10/24/2014
news image

Pam Conway, the director of Cradle to Career and wife of our our John Conway, educated Boonslick Kiwanians on the mission of Cradle to Career.  

Cradle to Career Alliance

Cradle to Career Alliance (C2CA) began with a group of business and community leaders studying how we might move the needle on student success and reduce disparities based on income and race.

Chris Belcher proposed that they join the Strive Together Network to interact with several cities faced with the same issues and with similar goals.   Each network member told a story of their struggle to move the needle and how they secured a proven track record of student success. Leaders knew if others could do it, we...

Teton Science School - 10/15/2014
news image

Mike Szydlowski - Science Coordinator for Columbia Public Schools, takes groups of students from grades 6-12 on summer science adventures. 

The program has grown from 28 students in St. Louis, to 404 students this last year in Columbia.  The ratio of teacher to student is 1:5.  The Teton Science School is 1000 miles away and buses are chartered for the trip there, a one day trip to/from Yellow Stone National Park, and the return trip.  Drivers are exchanged for the 23 hour trip but otherwise they drive straight through to end destination of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Field groups range from 11-12 students with Teton and CPS staff. Students learn science, how to live on their own,...

Teen Challenge of Central Missouri - 10/08/2014
news image

Rick Rowden spoke of Primrose Hill Teen Challenge, a "Mothers with Children" based program.

Teen challenge was started in the NE by David Wilkerson, on a farm where teens adjusted to a different view of life after going through drug/alcohol addictions.  Thre are now 1200 programs globally, and 250 in the U.S.

There are now "Teen Challenge" programs that minister to all ages, including a few family centers. 

Primrose Hill is a 1 year residency program for mothers of children 8 years and under.  Independent studies have shown an 84% success rate.

Funding is from private donations, Foundations, and corporations.  The induction fee is $1200.  There's...

Installation of Officers - 10/01/2014
news image

Jim Hogan was installed as the 2014-15 Boonslick Kiwanis President by Sally Robinson, Lt. Governor.  Other officers installed were Sherry Wyatt, President-elect (2015-16), Mary Ann Steyaert - Secretary, Marlowe Schlegel - Treasurer, and new board members Joe Bradley, Angela Pigg and Rod Hartwig.  Outgoing officers were thanked for their service.

Kenneth Pigg - Sustainable Agriculture - 09/24/2014
news image

Kenneth Pigg.  He is a retired professor of MU Rural Sociology for sustainable agriculture.  The US wastes 1/3 of it's food.  Rate of hunger - food is uncertain,  for kids under 18 is 25%. The rate of obesity and hypertension is high.  (more info to come)

Columbia Public School District - 09/17/2014
news image

Dr. Stiepleman, Superintendant of Schools, spoke about the current status and plans for future of our local school district.

Goal to be the best district in the state. Core Values to become:

  1. Honesty and Transparency
  2. Mutual respect
  3. Positive approach
  4. Persistence
  5. Adaptability (creative thought matters)
  6. Teamwork
  7. Focus on what works

Purpose - provide assett to community.  60% of students stay in Columbia.

Organizational goals were outlined.

Opposes Amendment 3.  Feels it takes local control away from the school board.  Also opposed to teachers with guns.  Their job is to teach.  Local law enforcement is the appropriate gun source.

A.C.E. - Alternative center for education...

KMOS - Missouri Public Broadcast Station - 09/10/2014
news image

Louise Beasley, Underwriting Coordinator for Corporate and Community Support spoke about the station.  This office is responsible for developing support for KMOS-TV, as well as maintaining contact with our members and underwriters.

The presentation was on the KMOS-TV Create Expo.  This is a lifestyle expo that will have vendors participating under the categories of Cooking, Gardening, Travel, Home, and Arts & Crafts.  The purpose is to celebrate the kinds of DIY and educational programs that air on KMOS and Create TV.  The event is Saturday, November 8 from 10-5pm in Columbia at the Parkade Center.  I passed around a sign up sheet with days and times we need...

Missouri Safe Savings Program - 09/03/2014
news image

Garrett M. Webb is Director of Investor Education for Secretary of State Jason Kander.  Through informative and interactive presentations, he speaks to hundreds of Missourians each year at trade shows, in the classrooms, to civic and professional organizations, veterans groups, and other interested parties.

In the Securities Division, "We all wish we didn't have jobs" because the job is dealing with fraud.  They see cases where people have lost everything to people they trust.  It is heartbreaking.  The money is just gone, it's been spent.

There are many different kinds of fraud.  A study in 2008, before the economic collapse, showed that 68% of US wealth...

Public Safety: Mayor, Police, Fire - 08/27/2014
news image

Mayor Robert McDavid. Police Chief and Fire Dept Chief here to support.

Mayor McDavid said the most important thing city government does is Public Safety.  There are problems with staffing in the fire dept. and the police dept.

Chief Witt reports the economic downturn has resulted in lower staffing levels and increased calls for service. Grant covered 5 firefighters on Engine 2 (W Worley) open 45% of the time but still takes longer to get down there.  Try to have response time < 4 minutes. Resources from surrounding areas have to answer calls for help.

Since 2009 there has been a 12% drop in fires.

Police Chief answered over 75,000 calls. 45 minutes to handle each one and more than...

Energy Efficiency Evangelist - 08/20/2014
news image

Alex Dzurick is the Energy Educator for home energy efficiency, with the city of Columbia Water & Light Department.  He had been a Middle School Science Teacher and Coach with the South Callaway School District in Mokane, MO.

A truly efficient home is more liveable.  Slides were shown on Myths vs Facts.  Efficiency means to get more out of what energy is used. 

In homes, there are 3 key areas of energy use:  HVAC (heating cooling systems), Air sealing (includes windows/doors), and Insulation.  Other areas, such as lighting, electronics and hot water heater use account for 10% on average.

The Home Performance with Energy Star program is a Federal Program with...

The Antidote - Enemy of ALL Things Toxic - 08/13/2014
news image

Dr. Tim Evans, an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Veterinary Pathobiology and the Toxicology Section Leader at the University of Missouri.

As an instructor, he teaches topics including reproductive pharmacology, veterinary diagnostic toxicology and how chemical agents cause environmental disease.

Today, his alter ego, THE ANTIDOTE, gave our program. 

In 2009, a recognition began at MU for "Nerds of Mizzou".  Nominated by students and dressing up as "The Antidote", a super hero against toxins, he ended up at Nerd of the Year.  He was able to give a lecture at the Ellis Library on "Science of Super Heroes" and got to scream in a library.  The...

Gordon & Joyce Spainhower with Brock - 08/06/2014
news image

Volunteer breeder caretakers care for Canine Companions breeder dogs and nurture newborn puppies for eight weeks until they are brought to Canine Companions.  From ages eight weeks to 18 months, volunteer puppy raisers care for, provide basic obedience training and socialize puppies.

Professional Canine Companions instructors then teach the dogs to master over 40 commands for 6-9 months before the dogs can go through Team Training to be matched with an adult or child with disabilities, or a professional assisting people with diabilities.

Team Training culminates in a graduation ceremony for graduates beginning a new journey and for puppy raisers witnessing their puppies' achievements.

Dr. Rebecca Llorens-Encircle Technologies - 07/16/2014
news image

A start-up, non-profit group training adults with autism for jobs in the tech field.  Located in Columbia, MO, this innovative company needs your help.  Please go to to hear their story and pledge your support.  Donations accepted till August 15, 2014.  More information can be found at and  Contact

Dr. Llorens spoke to our club about this program which she co-founded with another parent who also has a son with autism.  Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder with a wide presentation along a spectrum.  It lasts a lifetime and is mostely male specific. ...

Jeff Jones - C.A.F.O. - 07/09/2014
news image

A fourth generation farmer, raised in Callaway County, Jeff Jones majored in Animal Science at MU.  He farms full time, is a beef leader of the 4H Club, has served on the North Callaway School Board, and is a member of the Pleasant Grove UMC in Hatton.  He raises angus cattle, alfalfa hay and row crops such as soybeans, milo, corn, barley and wheat.

Jeff received a registered letter a few months ago, notifying him of a company that was going to start a Confined Animal Feeding Operation in his town.  Not knowing about CAFO's, he researched and discovered only 4 registered letters were sent out.  He believes in respect, and helping.  Confrontation is hard.


Patriotic Pops - 07/02/2014
news image

Steinhauer Family Musicians - Daughter Marina, son Dane and mom played piano, trombone and flute.  Patriotic music was played.

Club member Lonnie Echternacht played piano also.  Songs from the WWII time period. They were played in canteens.  Songs were used in radio broadcasts to build morale.  One was played as a march for troops by Glen Miller.  These songs became the standard for swing and dance.

Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; The Old Piano Roll Blues; The St. Louis Blues; Basin Street Blues and Up a Lazy River.

Patriotic Pops 2 - 07/02/2014
news image

Lonnie Echternacht

Ben Ross - S.A.V.E. Coalition - 06/25/2014
news image

Ben Ross is a S.A.V.E. Coalition Board Member.  He graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from MU in 1994.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in four states and an assistant VP at Engineering Surveys and Services in Columbia, working primarily on municipal infrastructure projects.  He is a past state president of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers and has been recognized as the State-wide Young Engineer of the Year.  He is active in the Boy Scouts, has a wife, Lisa and 12 year old son, Adam.

Since 1995, Ben has volunteered with the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency's S.A.V.E. Coalition (Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation).  He...

MU's Chancellor Loftin - 06/19/2014
news image

Loftin was named Chancellor at MU in February of 2014.  He was President of Texas A&M and was looking to retire from there.  He has many other qualifiers for the job, but his passion for students is obvious. 

He thanked one of our attendees, Tom Froidl, soon to be a member, for wearing a bow tie to the meeting today.

Loftin states that the University exists to provide for students.  Most membership, by a show of hands has either attended, had family who've attended, or worked for the University.  The University is 175 years old and it's extension service is at its 100th anniversary.

Loftin makes himself accessable via social media so he can see through students...

Dale Willis, Volunteer Coorinator _ Hospice Compassus - 06/11/2014
news image

Dale Willis is Volunteer Coordinator at Hospice Compassus. 

In the field of medicine, hospice is a new discipline in the last few decades.  It began in London in 1947.  Hospice Compassus is located in Columbia, next to TGI Fridays.

To qualify, a patient is given 6 months to live.  The top diseases are cancer, dementia, heart disease, and malnutrition. there are 6-7 members of each patient team.  They include the nurse, a social worker, a volunteer, clergy, and aide, the medical director and the patients own physician. 

A patient can qualify as long as needed.  Berievement support is provided to families for 1 year after death. It is required by law, for hospice...

Barb Danuser, Executive Director - Boone Hospital Foundation - 06/04/2014
news image

Barb Danuser is Executive Director of the Boone Hospital Foundation. Barb spoke about the foundation's service outreach programs.  They sponsor a free Mobile Health Unit and educate patients and the public.  Don't hesitate to ask.  Physicians at Boone Hospital have seen an increased rate of adenocarcenoma, melanoma.  Skin cancer screenings were added to the mobile health unit as of last year but you will need to get an appointment ahead of time.  They also provide testing for diabetes, Hemoglobin A1C.  Free health fairs for stroke, diabetes and cancer.  Free lung cancer screenings for high risk individuals.  It can be a life-saving service. 


Chris Rainwater - Pilot - 05/28/2014
news image

Chris Rainwater, a pilot and aviation enthusiast with an Airline Transport Pilot license and more than 7,000 hours of flight time accumulated over the last 17 years.  He is currently employed by a Fractional business jet company where he has spent the last nine years flying a variety of people from many interesting walks of life.  Before that, he spent five years at a regional airline that operated routes for UA and Delta Airlines. He works out of St. Louis but lives in col.umbia with his wonderful wife and four young children, who are all at Lee Elementary School this year.  His 11 year old daughter helped put together the program for today.

Chris' father was a pilot and flew...

Nancy Thompson-Chief Legal Council for City of Columbia - 05/20/2014
news image

There are two sides to legal council.  Nancy Thompson mainly is on the Civil side.  There are 6 attorneys, one is exclusive to the Columbia Police Dept.  The other side is the Prosecution side which is comprised of the Chief, an assistant to the chief and two attorneys. 

Provide legal advice and counsel.  Represent the city, not individuals.  Interests can conflict. Litigation is handled by Risk Management in the Finance Dept.

Sunshine law - there are more records requests (due to the Journalism student body) than any other department. 

The guiding document for the city is the 1952 "Home Rule Charter". Ordinances have changed, but there have been very...

Tim Bach - Dream Factory - 05/13/2014

Tim Bach, Columbia Fire Department Lieutenant and Assistant Fire Marshal, gave a program on The Dream Factory to Boonslick membership today.

Bach is a member of the Central Missouri Dream Factory and serves on the National Board of Directors.  The National Dream Factory, located in Louisville, Kentucky is primarily run by volunteers with only 3 full time and 1 part time employee.  The Central Missouri chapter is the 2nd largest chapter nationwide, covering 7 counties.  Of donations, 88% stays local (10% is paid dues to the national chapter and 2% goes to admin costs).

A 6 minute video (edited from 2 hours of recording) can be viewed from the website:

Annual Meeting - 05/06/2014
news image

Tim McLaughlin, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, recognized the outgoing Board members, David Mast and DeMarko Coleman; the outgoing Secretary, Lisa Reed; and outgoing President Matt Pigg, for their service (although still 4 months to go) to Boonslick Kiwanis Club.

Board members Nancy Burke and Keith Broadus will continue their service.  Jim Hogan will be the new PResident and Marlowe Schlegel has agreed to continue as Treasurer.  Marlowe announced he is looking to mentor someone to transition into that office.

Tim then took a vote on the new slate of officer nominees and all were voted for.  They are:

Board members (for next 3 years) - Joe Bradley and Angela Pigg


Marianne Meyer - Nutrition and Kidney Disease - 04/22/2014
news image

Marianne Meyer gave a presentation on Nutrition and Kidney Disease.  

The focus of the kidneys is excretion of extras that the body doesn't need, such as waste products, and excess water.  Kidneys also activate Vitamin D.

There are stages of kidney failure.  Stages 1-4 occur as slow progression.  Dietary modifications becomes necessary at stage 3.  Changes in diet are made according to lab results and fluid status.  Stage 5 is when dialysis is needed.

Protect the kidneys.  Diabetics should have routine doctor visits.  Everyone should learn about kidney disease.  Read nutrition labels on food.  There's way too much added to foods that...

“Kidney Disease: What it is and what it is not” - 04/15/2014
news image

Erin Kilburn, Dialysis Clinics, Inc [DCI] discusses  “Kidney Disease:  What it is and what it is not”

Spring Club Service Awards - 04/15/2014
news image

Wayne Behymer gave impromptu awards, from his re-purposed jack-o-lantern garden bag, for volunteers who organized our past six weeks of spring marathon Saturday volunteer efforts.  Prizes included a picker-upper tool for Roger Dawdy, who arranged the Clean Up Columbia crew April 12th, a spare pick-ax handle for Sherri Wyatt – who promptly gave it to Matt Pigg - who kept breaking the handles of his tools during the April 5th Kiwanis One-Day clean-up of Lee Elementary Expressive Arts school.

History of Boonslick Pens - 04/08/2014
news image

Marlowe had 4 different pens we have bought and presented to speakers and otherwise used and given away, over time.  

Brian Bacon joins Boonslick! - 04/08/2014
news image

Brian Bacon, nominated by DeMarko Coleman, has decided to join Boonslick!  Marlowe presented him with the t-shirt he is wearing in the picture. Welcome Brian!

Sean Spence - CDANT - 04/01/2014
news image

Sean began the Como Disability Advancement Network (CDANT) a year ago.  The function of the organization is as a neutral platform for other disabilities organizations to work together.  Sean has had Multiple Sclerosis since 2003 and been a strong advocate, stating he wouldn't be involved until he became disabled. He is a member of the city's disability commission.

Sean had a relapse with his MS and was wheelchair bound in December '12.  He was offered a treatment that cost $62,000 for a 10 day course with the 50/50 chance he could walk again.  It did work for him, although he uses a cane or w/c for distances over 3 blocks.  This same treatment used to cost...

Cindy Mustard & Tanja Patton - History of Columbia Cemetery - 03/25/2014
news image

Cindy Mustard a member of the Board of Trustees for the Columbia Cemetery, and Tanja Patton, of the Columbia Cemetery Association, presented information on the History of the Columbia Cemetery.

It is the oldest continuous business in Columbia.  In 2007 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  There are about 35 acres.  It's boundaries are Broadway, Providence, Stewart Road and Garth Ave.

Streets within the cemetary are named for easier finding of plots.  There are designated areas for some faiths, such as Muslim, who require 2 plots as they are buried diagonal, facing Meca.

Details of some of the various types of structures and the history of those buried...

Catherine Peterson - RDN, PhD "Mind over M&M's" - 03/11/2014
news image

Cathy Peterson, is a Registered Dietician, PhD with the Dept. of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri.  She discussed dietary factors in disease prevention.  "Mind over M&M's": Mindful Eating Strategies.

There is a difference between hunger, and appetite.  We have control over appetite.  External factors influence appetite.  We don't realize how much we really eat.  It is easy to over eat.  90-95% of diets fail.

Research over the years has found that if the container is larger, a box, bag, glass or plate, it encourages more eating.  A wider variety of foods (such as a buffet, or even more colors...

Camp Kesem brings magic to families coping with cancer - 03/04/2014
news image

Sarah D’Amico, senior MU Journalism student and Ellen Marty, graduate of MU School of Nursing, Dec 13, spoke this morning about Camp Kesem.

Kesem is a Greek word meaning “magic”.  The camp has been designed as a one week experience, in Bourbon, Missouri, the first week of August, for children of cancer patients.  All fees for the camp are paid by the planners.  1st year ~30 attendees, 2nd year 62 attendees, this year [3rd] anticipate ~90 attendees.  National organization…

Please navigate to Resources/Local Resources for links to more information about the camp, or to view a video.


Jane Williams, Founder - Love INC - 02/25/2014
news image


Brooke Guinn, Rachel Drennan: PT at PhysZOU - 02/18/2014
news image

Brooke Guinn and Rachel Drennan are PT students at MU working with the PhysZOU program.  Brooke and Rachel both had ACL repairs which exposed them to a career in PT.  They became involved in helping with PhysZOU during its first semester of existence. PhysZOU is a free clinic which provides care to the underserved population in Columbia.  This is a 3 year grad program providing a 'Doctorate' of PT (which is a clinical doctorate).  The clinic opened Sep 11, 2011.  A physician from MedZOU found a need and started the clinic.  Their mission statement is to provide PT to those in need while providing students with learning under supervision to improve quality...

Harlan Hackett, Lt. Governor, Division 5 - 02/11/2014
news image

Harlan Hackett, our current Lt. Governor for Division 5, reported on “The State of the Division”.  There are +8 members in the division (including the +3 Boonslick members).  Boonslick is leading with over $32,000 towards the Eliminate Project (Division 5 has garnered $99,000 total).  He shared several clubs successful fundraisers (mentioning Centralia’s cheese sales, which our club participated in) and West Side Chili supper which was not held due to weather and won’t be rescheduled.  Many clubs have SLP’s.  Many clubs support local charities. 

Our next Lt. Governor will be Sally Robinson, of the Columbia Club.

Bill Miller - "Nuclear Power and Fukishima" - 01/21/2014
news image

William H Miller, Professor of Nuclear Engineering explained the process and benefits of nuclear power.  He also explained what happened at Fukishima and shed light on some of the misinformation that continues to be provided by the media. 

Many slides were shown depicting that we are running out of fossil fuels while the need for energy is increasing.  Nuclear power is from a fission process.  Fuel pellets heat to 1500 degrees (size of end digit of small finger).  In the US, there are 104 plants, out of 442 worldwide.  Since 2008, they have provided over 72% of emission free energy among the alternative sources.  None of the alternative sources (wind, water,...

Jill Nagel, Coach - Rock Bridge HS Girls Basketball - 01/14/2014
news image

Jill Nagel, the Rock Bridge HS girls basketball coach and two players were program speakers.

Basketball team is not just to play the game, but to expand by giving back to the community (coming today was an example), developing team work and team chemistry, and adhering to their mission.  Rock Bridge is rated 15th in the nation out of 30,000 High School teams.  There are 6 Division 1 athletes on the team.  You can start a game with 5.

A video was shared of highlights from past games.  Chayla Cheadle is ranked top 75 in her class in the US (She is the Sr. Co-Captain for the team).  She has been playing with many of the same players since 7th grade.  Discipline, and...

Team Ravvivare - 01/07/2014
news image

Team Ravivarre is the name of this Sturgeon R-5 Middle School group who are part of the "Future City" competition. Competition starts locally, goes regional, then finishes in Washington, D.C.  The theme this year is 'Transportation'.  An educator leads the team - Andrea; and a Missouri Society professional engineer is consulted - John Conway volunteered again this year.

The benefits are many, such as getting to apply math and science concepts to real world issues, development of writing, public speaking, and problem solving which leads to lifelong learning.  Time management skills, research and process solutions, etc.

Today they are in the midst of their development. ...

Michael Absheer, 3D Printing - 12/17/2013
news image

Todays speaker, Michael Absheer, works at the MU College of Engineering as the Rapid Prototype Lab Manager.

3D Technology has been around since the 1980's.  There are 5 different types of 3D printers.  He passed around the plastic molds/models from different materials used.  These models included scissors, a figure/bust of Queen Nephrotiti, moveable parts thingys, a soft pliable aortic arch, a bone, a ant in a cage, and others.

Basically, very basically, a base material is heated up in an area to solidify and then the printer moves down to heat the next area to solidify and continues for HOURS to make a part.  Different base materials, such as drywall powder or a nylon...

Heart of Missouri Girls On The Run - 12/10/2013
news image

Dawn Brown and Katie Wagner presented information about the Heart of Missouri Girls On The Run.  Heart of Missouri was started in July of 2011.

This program originally was started by Molly Barker and has grown nationwide.  It is a 10 week program divided into three parts.  First being learning about self, second learning about relationships and third learning about service.  The final portion is running a 5K.  The last 5K had 135 girls in the program with their buddies, and community runners.

Needs are fundraising (it takes $150 to sponsor one girl in the program), buddies, and training of buddies for each participant. 

Girls learn how to handle situations. ...

John Conway - Construction Manager - 11/19/2013
news image

John Conway, a club member, gave todays program about the Short Street Garage Project.  A city project, of which he has been the Construction Manager since June 2012.

The development is a collaborative effort by the city (construction of the garage) and two private companies building an apartment complex and a DoubleTree boutique and hotel.  All of these projects are going on at the same time.

The garage is unique in that Short Street will continue through the building lower level parking area.  Be careful of cars looking for parking places if you decide to cut through from Walnut to Broadway or vise versa.

The building cost 12 million – 3 million from cash, 9 million from...

Dr. Derek Fox - "Things I've Learned from my Patients - a Veterinary Sugeon's Tale" - 11/05/2013
news image

Derek B. Fox, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Associate Professor, Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery
Section Chief, Small Animal Surgery
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
University of Missouri

Dr. Fox shared 3 patient's stories with the group: 1) Alex, a 2 y/o Alpaca had a dislocated shoulder (amorous activities) and after repair/recovery, ended up being bitten by a snake and lost a testicle; 2) Darby, a screech owl, was caught up in the grill of a semi, brought to the vet hospital, restored to health and released in the wild;(there is a Raptor rehab program that students are very involved in); 3) Buddy, the Bassett Hound, had terrible, almost life ending deformities of his forelegs. He was brought...

Riley Banks and Generation Next - 10/22/2013
news image

Riley Banks, a 17 year old high school senior from Branson, MO, inspired the group with her missionary efforts to Kibwezi, Kenya.  Riley has been every year for the past 4 years.  Previously Riley informed us that she started Generation Next, an organization designed to make the world a better place by educating children to help them better themselves and future generations.

With her parents and Generation Next, Riley helped build a school and bring feminine hygiene products to local children.  Once that was done, Riley decided the next step was to build an orphanage.  That process is currently underway.

Elda Kurzejeski receives a Ruby K Award - 10/22/2013
news image

Elda Kurzejeski was awarded a Ruby K award for her efforts recruiting members. In order to receive the award, a member must have recruited a minimum of 5 members. Elda has successfully recruited substantially more than the required minimum.

Trek to Chirripó - 10/15/2013
news image

Hannia and Donald Burke-Aguero shared their pictures and story about their trip to Costa Rica and their trek up Chirripó.  Chirripó means "place of enchanted waters" and is located in the Talamanca Mountains in Costa Rica.  The journey takes at least 1 day to reach the shelter, then another to reach the summit and then return back to the base of the mountain.  The trip is physically exhausting but extremely rewarding for those willing to make the journey and accept the challenge.

Jo Behymer receives a Ruby K Award - 10/15/2013
news image

Jo Behymer was awarded a Ruby K award for her efforts recruiting members.  In order to receive the award, a member must have recruited a minimum of 5 members.  Jo has successfully recruited substantially more than the required minimum.

Wayne Behymer receives a Ruby K Award - 10/15/2013
news image

Wayne Behymer was awarded a Ruby K award for his efforts recruiting members. In order to receive the award, a member must have recruited a minimum of 5 members. Wayne has successfully recruited substantially more than the required minimum.

New Builder's Club @ Gentry Middle School - 10/14/2013
news image

Boonslick Kiwanis sponsored a new Builder's Club at Gentry Middle School.  Officers were elected. Pictured from left to right are:

Vice President    Sydney Klimek
Treasurer          Reece Furkin
Secretary          Bailey Stover
President           Amanda Kurukulasuriya
Sponsor            Molly Froidl

Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri President - 10/08/2013
news image

Tim Wolfe, University of Missouri President, spoke to Boonslick about initiatives at MU.

First Boonslick Board Meeting 2013-14 - 10/02/2013
news image

Matt Pigg, Boonslick Kiwanis Club President, (shown seated) held the first board meeting of the Kiwanis year 2013-14.  Board members (standing, left to right) are David Mast, Marc VanDover, Becky Douglas, Nancy Burke, Lisa Reed, and Jim Hogan.  Not shown is the photographer, and Immediate Past President, Deb Shore.

Boonslick Presidents Change - 09/24/2013
news image

Deb Shore, President of Boonslick Kiwanis for 2012-13 ends her year and Matt Pigg takes over for the Kiwanis year Oct 1, 2013-14.  Induction of officers was presided over by Harlan Hackett, Lt. Governor-elect, who will officially take office Oct 1, 2013.  Dick Schmidtke, current Lt. Governor attended and spoke at the induction.

Trisha Lee - Assistance League of Mid-Missouri - 09/17/2013
news image

Beginning here in Columbia, there are now 125 chapters in the nation. Mostly volunteer. Only their finance person and attorney are paid positions. Their moto is "Working together...making a difference". Money raised stays in Columbia. One of their services is "Operation School Bell". It was started when teachers noticed kids coming to school without coats (they would layer their clothes). With this service, kids can come a get a new coat, 3 new tops, 3 new bottoms, new underwear, new socks and new shoes. Upscale resale is an outlet for the public to purchase gently used items, but not kids clothes. Don pointed out it's like the old time country store with 1935 prices!...

Glenda Gibson: Experiencing Israel - 09/03/2013
news image

Glenda Gibson spoke on "Experiencing Israel".  Glenda has visited Israel, and usually another country such as Jordan or Turkey, on 7 occasions with each trip lasting 2 weeks.  She was invited and encouraged by a religious leader to travel to Israel.  A video was shown, highlighting Israel places of interest and people visiting them. Her helper, Pat, held up a map for a brief geography lesson and later said that she had gone on one of the trips and you can 'feel Jesus' there.  From being baptized in the river to placing yourself at the Wailing Wall, Jesus is present.  Glenda let us know that she has always felt safe on her trips despite the presence of...

Elda Kurzejeski - 09/03/2013
news image

Elda was presented with a bouquet of flowers from Jim, our Aktion club advisor, in appreciation for her starting Aktion club (10 years ago) and continuing to participate in their activities.  Aktion Club members love it when Elda comes to see them!

Randy Wyatt speaks on a Tour of Restaurants - 08/27/2013
news image

Randy Wyatt presented the program "Tour of Restaurants", focusing on local restaurants cuisine.  Several menus were shared from some of his favorite eateries.  Randy visits several restaurants daily in his career.  Iconic restaurants and their signature foods were familiar to many members. 

Parents As Teachers Messy Night - 08/26/2013
news image

Service projects are something that members of Boonslick Kiwanis look forward to.  From registration, to footprints, to exit interviews and wherever help is needed.  Parents As Teachers is a terrific organization that we support on a regular basis.

Golf Tournament - 08/25/2013
news image

Members participating in the Golf Tournament to benefit The Eliminate Project stand by one of the sponsorship signs.  Missouri Credit Union was a major contributor thanks to Rob Perkins (shown on right).  Also pictured are Travis Figg (shown on left), Casey and John Conway.

Orrin Pogue of 4H - 08/20/2013
news image

The 4H program is about 100 years old. The Morrill Land Grant Act allowed associations with universities to further agricultural education. Focus used to be agriculture, homemaking. Advancements have been made so that now, if a student can find an adult mentor in any field, they'll be supported. Positive Youth Development focuses on learning to respect and give back to the communities. 4H Vision is a world where adults and youth can grow and feel supported. Leadership development is key. One out of every 10 youths has been touched by 4H in Missouri. It's a family opportunity.
Boone County Fair is a culmination of learnings. The Fair board no longer provides the support is has historically....

DeAnna Alonso of Central Missouri Foster Care Adoptive Services - 08/13/2013
news image

DeAnna Alonso started the Central MO Foster Care Adoptive Service after her own personal struggles with being fostered, going to treatment facilities, and becoming homeless. She made a personal choice to come back to help children in need. She and her husband have adopted 2 children, including her niece Justice who attended the meeting with her. The company serves 13 counties. In central MO there are 4,000 children awaiting adoption and 200 adoptive families. They are coming up on their 5th annual gala, their largest fundraiser, to be held at the Capital Plaza in Jefferson City from 6-8:30pm.

Shoes for the Shoeman! - 08/02/2013
news image

Shoes were collected and delivered to the Mo-Ark District convention in Joplin, MO.  The shoes are donated to the Shoeman Water Projects.  The shoes are sold to an 
exporter who in turn sends them to street vendors Chile, Kenya, and Haiti. The funds generated are used to purchase water-drilling rigs that are used to dig wells in Kenya. 

For an interesting read about George "The Shoeman" Hutchings and the Shoeman Water Projects, please visit

Granny's House Visits Boonslick - 07/30/2013
news image

From left to right, Console, Deborah and Pam Ingram of Granny's House spoke to Boonslick about their experiences at the Kids Across America Camp. Boonslick supports kids from Grannys House going to the camp, a Kanakuk style Christian-based program.

The girls came to the United States 5 years ago as African refugees and spoke no English.  They are now astonishingly fluent as evidenced in their speaking to the club. They both said they learned you have to work with others to get to your goal.

Granny's House is located in the public housing and they rent 2-3 adjoining apartments. 5 years ago they included their 1st family from Africa. Today, 60-70% are African refugees. Those families have...

Nikki Raedeke educates Boonslick on Nutrition Among Food Pantry Clientele - 07/16/2013
news image

Pauli introduced Nikki Raedeke, MU Professor in Nutrition and Physiology, who is one of the principle investigators in a study, “Nutrition and Health Among Food Pantry Clientele.”

The three-year study began in the summer of 2010 concludes this summer. The data will be analyzed and a report written. Some of the information from that report that she shared included:

Data from a federal telephone surveys indicated that 85% of Americans were “food secure” but that 15% were not. (In response to a question from Becky, Nikki concurred that this data may under-represent the problem as those who have the least food security may not have a telephone.) Food pantry clientele...

Sue Crain talks about the Spirit Riders - 07/09/2013
news image

Sherry Wyatt introduced Sue Crain and one of her students, Kia, from Spirit Riders. Spirit Riders of Crosswind Ranch is a place with a mission “to nurture children and their families in an atmosphere of Christ-filled service through the use of a horse and ranch life.”

The program started about 2005 with two children from Granny’s House on Sue’s family farm in Columbia. The program moved to her husband’s family farm near Millersburg in 2011 to be able to expand their offerings. The program has served well over 200 children since its inception, some of whom are still active in the program. The program is now getting referrals from area agencies and has a waiting list.

Boonslick Recognizes Susan Trice with Rock Bridge Key Club - 07/09/2013
news image

Susan Trice, the teacher who works with Key Club at Rock Bridge High School was recognized for her service and dedication to the students in Key Club. John presented Susan with a framed certificate of appreciation, a gift card for Barnes and Nobel and a small silver bell (to get the kids’ attention).

Boonslick Recognizes K-Kids' Teachers - 07/09/2013
news image

Ann Norris and Jonna Toalson, the teachers who work with K-Kids at Lee Elementary, were recognized for their service and dedication to the students in K-Kids. Mary  presented Ann and Jonna with framed certificates of appreciation, gift cards for Blue Stem and a small silver bell (to get the kids’ attention).

Chris Sisk, Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri - 07/02/2013
news image

Chris Sisk, a Regional Events Coordinator, with the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri (note the recent name change) spoke to Boonslick Kiwanis. He noted that a food pantry supplies food directly to individuals while food banks supply the pantries.  Chris also shared some general information about hunger in Missouri.

  • Many pantries in the Food Bank’s coverage area get up to 75% of their food items from the Food Bank.
  • There are 32 counties in its service area
  • In 2012, the Food Bank
    • distributed over 27 million pounds of food, representing over 21 million meals
    • Total revenue in 2012 was $50,666,805 with only 1.9% going to administration and fundraising...

KFRU Celebrates Women in Kiwanis - 06/23/2013
news image

David Lile, radio host, spoke with Deb Shore, . . . . and . . . about the 25th Anniversary of Women in Kiwanis.

Joe Camille is Presented a Hixon Award - 06/18/2013
news image

Joe Camille is presented with a Hixon award for his contribution to Project Eliminate.

Rick Rowden on Teen Challenge - 06/18/2013
news image

Rick Rowden spoke to Boonslick about Teen Challenge of Central Missouri. Teen Challenge is a faith-based (Christian) drug and alcohol addiction intervention program.

The national program began in 1958 and now has 1,200 centers in 92 countries, including 250 centers in the US. He reported that several studies have shown an 85% success rate for individuals who complete the 12-month program.

The local program is currently trying to raise some $250,000 to be able to create a residential center for women with children. There is currently only 4 Teen Challenge centers in Missouri – two in St. Louis, one in Neosho and one in Cape Girardeau.

Boonslick helps with the Container Project - 06/18/2013
news image

Boonslick members Pauline Landhuis, Mary Steyaert, Sherry Wyatt, Roger Dawdy and Deb Shore packed boxes with items donated from the community, at The Container Project housed in the PET project warehouse. Boxes will fill a "container" for shipment through the Rainbow Network to Nicaragua. Items that cannot be shipped will benefit local charities.

Sandra Beldor explains issues in Haiti - 06/11/2013
news image

Sandra Beldor, a nurse supervisor at MU’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital shared her experiences as a self-identified medical missionary. 

A Haiti native, Sandra came to Columbia to train as a nurse (both at Columbia College and MU), returned to Haiti after graduating and then returned to Columbia due to the unsettled conditions in Haiti. She’s lived in Columbia now for some 25 years.

For the past 5-6 years, she has worked with medical volunteers to go to Haiti twice a year to work at two particular projects. One is a hospital, which started in a tent and is now within 4 walls. Depending on the specialization of the individual medical team members, surgeries...

Shani Adair on the Budweiser Clysdales - 06/04/2013
news image

Shani Adair with the Budweiser Warm Springs Farm spoke to Boonslick about raising clysdales for Budweiser.

The 340 acre breeding farm is home to about 100 mares and colts and 4 - 6 breeding stallions. About 85% of the colts born at the farm have the necessary markings to become a budweiser draft clysdale.  One of Shani's favorite memories is that one of the foals bears her name.

Please help with the Container Project - 05/31/2013
news image

The Container Project is a 501(c)(3) IRS approved non-profit outreach ministry collecting needed items for area and worldwide needs.  The Container Project is: 

  • several pallets of goods are prepared each month.
  • free supplies and boxes are received from partners but donations for shipping are needed. Overseas containers cost $5,000+ to Nicaragua.
  • serves children and adults

The Tragic Need
Millions of families outside the US make less than $600 a year to provide for their families. We take new and used clothing and shoes in good condition. We sort them into areas best served (MO or overseas) and by women, men and children. They are boxed and palletized.

Sewing machines provide...

Heifer International - 05/21/2013
news image

Kyle Newell-Groshong spoke on behalf of Heifer International. Heifer's mission is “to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.”  For more information, please go to

Update from Central America - 05/14/2013
news image

Nancy Burke and Jim Hogan updated the club on their trips to Central America.  Nancy visited Nicaragua with the Rainbow Network while Jim visited Guatemala through his church. 

The Nicaraguan trip focused on constructing homes for local inhabitants while the Guatemalan trip focused more on fair trade and helping local inhabitants achieve things they needed done (like moving boulders to open a road).

Project Eliminate Update - 05/07/2013
news image

Mike Farrall, Lonnie Echternacht and David Cox updated the club on our progress toward raising money for Project Eliminate.  Kiwanis International has a 5 year goal to raise $110 million to eliminate Maternal-Neonatal Tetanus worldwide. Boonslick's goal was to raise $36,000.  Worldwide, 27% of the funds have been raised. However, Boonslick has raised 68% of their goal. 

The funds raised have been used to eradicate MNT in 9 countries. Only 30 countries remain.

Heart transplant survivor shares her story - 04/30/2013
news image

Dr. Lisa Britt shared her incredible journey as a veterinary student who suddenly received a heart transplant at the age of 23. Lisa is one of the longest surviving heart transplant patients in the U.S.

Dr. Britt also shared important information about the state of organ donorship and transplants today. Despite improved medical technology, the need for transplants continues to grow. Today there are over 117,000 people in the U.S. alone awaiting an organ.

Brent Messimer - Rescue Innocence - 04/23/2013
news image

Brent Messimer of Rescue Innocence shared some alarming information regarding human trafficking and modern day slavery, both worldwide and here in Missouri. 

There are over 27 million victims worldwide, 80% of whom are women and children. Approximately 300,000 women and children in the United States are involved in the sex trade. 

Rescue Innocence was formed "to end human trafficking on a global scale by educating others about this modern-day slavery, creating a community amongst abolitionists, and offering a safe place for victims to received unconditional love, hope and Christ-centered counseling.”  Rescue Innocence is currently raising money for a safe house in...

Camp Hickory Hills - 04/16/2013
news image

Frank La Mantia, Development Director for Camp Hickory Hill, talked with Boonslick about the camp. The primary purpose of the camp is to educate people, especially children, with diabetes about the illness and its care. The camp runs 3 weeks and costs approximately $1,200/child. However, no one is turned away due to financial need.

The 77 acre camp, located just North of Columbia, offers not only medical supervision and educational sessions about diabetes, but also recreational activities including challenge courses and zip lines.

Welcome Roger Dawdy! - 04/16/2013
news image

Roger Dawdy is inducted into Columbia-Boonslick Kiwanis. Roger is shown here with his sponsor Joe Camille and former Lt. Governor David Cox.

25 Years of Service! - 04/16/2013
news image

Bob Stewart is presented with a Legion of Honor award for 25 years of service!

25 Years of Service - 04/09/2013
news image

Don Bay is given a Legion of Honor award for 25 years of service!

35 Years of Service - 04/09/2013
news image

Rod Hartwig is given a Legion of Honor award for 35 years of service!

Diamond in the Rough - 04/09/2013
news image

Jo Behymer is awarded a Diamond Level Kiwanis Foundation Award for her second $1,000 contribution.

Another Zeller Performance - 04/09/2013
news image

David Mast is presented with a Walter Zeller Fellowship award for his contribution to Project Eliminate.

Columbia's Renewable Energy Program - 04/09/2013
news image

Water and Light Director Tad Johnson and Assistant Director Ryan Williams educate Boonslick Kiwanians on Columbia's Renewable Energy ordinance.  The initiative was passed by voters in 2004 and used by the state as model language. The city currently gets 7.9% of its energy from renewable sources. The ordinance will require this to increase to 10% by 2018 and 15% by 2025 and requires that impact on rates be limited to 3%.

For the 2013 Renewable Energy Report and current Demand Side Management Report (as well as other stuff), go to

Feeding the World: How Population Growth is Driving Modern Agricultural Production Practices - 04/02/2013
news image

Breanne Brammer, an MU sophomore in Agricultural Journalism and National Agricultural Ambassador for Future Farmers of America (FFA) spoke to Boonslick about “Feeding the World: How Population Growth is Driving Modern Agricultural Production Practices.”

As a member of FFA and an Ambassador, Breanne has traveled to 6 different countries in the past two years, including a trip to Vietnam last April as one of 12 students, and has helped start the International Agricultural Club at MU.

Some of the information she shared with the club included:

  • The world population is now over 7 billion with the continent of Africa having the greatest percentage growth. 
  • The US is the...

The new club website is revealed! - 03/19/2013
news image

Club member Rob Perkins discusses the new website's features and benefits.

Keri Salmon, Director of Development for Coyote Hills - 03/12/2013
news image

Keri Salmon, Director of Development for Coyote Hills, shared a short video and explained what Coyote Hills does.  They provide temporary foster care for up to 24 children ages 3 - 19. They take pride in being able to keep siblings together. A favorite activity for the children is year round horseback riding.

40 Years of Service! - 03/12/2013
news image

Wayne Behymer is given a Legion of Honor award for 40 years of service!

35 Years of Service! - 03/12/2013
news image

Lonnie Echternact is given a Legion of Honor award for 35 years of service!

Karen Burger, Principal of Lee Elementary, talks with Boonslick - 03/05/2013
news image

Karen Burger, Principal of Lee Elementary, talked with Boonslick Kiwanis about Lee Elementary Expressive Arts Elementary School. She shared a lot of information about their mission, curriculum and uniqueness. Lee has petitioned to become one of only three autonomous schools in Columbia.

Tax Increase for Emergency Management Operations - 02/19/2013
news image

Northern Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson and Sheriff Dwayne Carey discuss the proposed 3/8 cent sales tax increase on the April ballot to fund the 911 services and Emergency Management Operations.

K-Kids Meeting - 02/13/2013
news image

K-Kids conducts their regular meeting at Lee Elementary School. The secretary is taking attendance as the President watches.

Lonnie Echternacht Receives the Zellar Award - 02/12/2013
news image

Former Lt. Governor David Cox presents a Zellar Award to Lonnie Echternacht at the regular club meeting.

Lt. Governor Dick Schmidtke speaks to Boonslick - 02/12/2013
news image

Lt. Governor Dick Schmidtke gives a "State of the Region" address to Columbia-Boonslick Kiwanis.

Tom Warhover, Executive Editor of the Columbia Missourian - 02/05/2013
news image

On February 6, 2013, Tom Warhover, Executive Editor of the Columbia Missourian talked with Boonslick Kiwanis about his paper's efforts to connect with the community. Recent efforts include the formation of a "Readers Board" and "Community Hours", a time when citizens can meet informally over coffee/tea to chat about the news.